1000 Gram

You can’t help but feel like in the middle of a 1990s road movie when listening to “Dances” – the second studio album of the German Swedish band 1000 Gram. Maybe it’s because the four guys have been commuting between Berlin and Gothenburg for the last couple of years – or it’s due to the fact that the band spent their last summers touring from festival to festival. But whatever it might be, you will feel the urge to hit the road again when listening to the lighthearted indie rock sound of singer-songwriter Moritz Lieberkühn and his fellow band members.

So we shouldn’t have been surprised when 1000 Gram took us on a little ride in their band bus over the festival site of Feel Festival before we recorded this session. After having trouble finding each other first – who would have known there were actually two backstage areas – we joined the band and their numerous instruments in their bus for a little drive to our final destination: The exceptionally beautiful camping site of the festival team at Bergheider See.

In this lovely garden like set-up all trouble was forgotten and 1000 Gram unloaded their bus for us to play this free-spirited versions of “Really Need Someone” and “A Home Outside Of Me”.

Best soundtrack for your next road trip!