77 Bombay Street

77 Bombay Street’s band history, that officially started in 2008 in their grandparent’s basement, goes way back into the personal biography of its four members: The brothers Joe, Matt, Esra and Simri-Ramon sang and played their first melodies at a very young age, when they were part of their parent’s family-band. While they used to play on the streets of Switzerland together with three more siblings and their mum and dad, busking is now a thing for the past: Their 2011 debut “Up in the sky” went double platinum in their home country, and with their 2012 follow-up “Oko Town” they brought their catchy neo-folk-pop to clubs all over Europe.

Now record #3 is in the making: Before they will head-off to Down-Under to produce their new album in early 2015, the band spent a couple of weeks in Berlin to write some new songs and prepare for this new record. We had the luck of meeting these lovely folks at the cosy wollen Berlin in Dezember, where they played a couple of old and new songs for us.

Lovely as they were, they signed one of our Berlin Sessions-Tote Bags for YOU!

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