Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen, son of songwriting legend Leonard Cohen, has gone through a process of artistically and musically searching and finding himself since he released his debut in 1998. After several up´s and down´s, including the thought of just quitting the music business, Adam Cohen luckily did not give up on music itself. His 2011-record „Like A Man“ became a huge success when Adam finally found his own voice, now openly sticking to his roots and one of his major artistic influences: his father Leonard Cohen. His latest record „We Go Home“, released in September 2014 is a wonderful continuation of „Like A Man“, with a even more intimate dimension: Accordingly to its title, „We go Home“ was inspired by and recorded at places where Adam spent his childhood.

We were given a beautiful insight into this collection of autobiographical songs, when we met Adam Cohen and his band at the Gibson Showroom in Berlin-Mitte.