While others were probably still struggling with post-highschool future plans, Adna, who was born in Bosnia and grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, obviously had already found herself long ago in terms of her own artistic expression: Pretty much right after graduating from high school, she released her debut „Night“ on the Stockholm based label Despotz at the tender age of only 19. In January 2014 she moved to Berlin, is about to release her sophomore record soon and we can’t wait to hear more of her amazingly dark and melancholic folk-pop.

We met lovely Adna at a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth: the adorable swedish candy shop Herr Nilsson Godis in Friedrichshain, which exclusively sells „godis“, that are —  surprise — sweets from Sweden. In adherence to the swedish concept of putting together your own selection of candy, the choice is up to you: From a big wall of little candy-filled cubicles you can pick from a considerable collection of delicious sweets from raspberry bonbons to all kinds of licorice-, chocolate- and marshmallow-based delicacies, including Adnas childhood favorites: „Skumbananer“ (Marshmallow Bananas).

Surrounded by this unsurpassable amount of sweetness she played three songs for us; „Night“, the title track of her last release, a beautiful cover of Damien Jurados „Working Title“ and the yet unreleased song „Beautiful Hell“.

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