Alice Phoebe Lou

Since 2012 it has been pretty much impossible in Berlin to not bump into this petite blonde girl who played her powerful & bluesy songs in the streets of Berlin almost every day – we are talking about Alice Phoebe Lou. The 20 year-old grew up in Kommitje, South Africa and as soon as she finished school she started traveling –  and ended up in Berlin. With announcing it almost daily on Facebook, Alice is playing at the most different venues all over Berlin. Most of the time you will find her jamming infront of the U-Bahn Station Warschauer Straße.

Not far from there we met Alice on a sunny September day at Urban Spree, a cosy concert and art venue, where you can drink Mate during the day and heaps of beer at night.

Alice Phoebe Lou is generally spoken a solo project, but in the last time a young musician from Italy joined her for live gigs as well. Watch Alice and Matteo in their usual street performance set up playing at Urban Spree for us.