It’s Berlin Music Week, and First We Take Berlin Festival is well underway, but this year it has the company of Our/Berlin Music Week (Nordic By Nature) open air stage and bar. It was here where in the very unexpected September sun, we found Danish pop sensation Asbjørn. Here they performed their tracks ‘Bones Bad Bones’ and ‘The Criminal’.

Asbjørn, has been labelled ‘the real pop kid,’ bringing in ‘the new sound of pop’ to his growing European audience. This time joining him was his live band, working closely together as a unit as they hit Berlin Music Week with four solid live performances. This week saw them play at both First We Take Berlin, Berlin Festival and Berghain Kantine. Asbjørn, is a self admitted Berlin fanatic, wishing they had more time here and claiming that each time is better than the last. Now, it’s time for the Berliner’s to fall straight in love with them.

Coming to the market as a pop dancing diva, unlike many acts, Asbjørn ignored the prospect of a stereotypical single release, and brought their debut album ‘Sunken Ships,’ out very quickly in April 2012. With no time to rest, they took  it straight to the stages of the Danish club and festival scenes, which lead to their pop overtake of Germany later in the year.

With faultless harmonies and oozing with professionalism, Asbjørn were a great highlight throughout Berlin Music Week, with their very own style of performance, and a rather unique take on contemporary on-stage dance.


Special thanks to:

Nordic By Nature & Our/ Berlin Vodka