Well, this was quite a challenging session for all of us: Right next to the beautiful woods of Immergut Festival in Neustrelitz we met Balthazar and – unfortunately – millions of insatiable mosquitoes.

But professional as they are, Balthazar performed their two great songs ‘Bunker’ and ‘Nightclub’ flawlessly. Besides these songs you will find a nice potpourri of indie-rock tracks on their recent album “Thin Walls” which was released earlier this year.

Right at midnight Balthazar played the main stage of lovely Immergut and proved that they are a well-chosen headliner!

If you haven’t seen them live already, it’s not going to be hard to catch up on them as they are playing a lot of the bigger and smaller Festivals around europe this summer and another Berlin show at Straend Festival on August 15th!.

Here’s their busy busy schedule for the rest of this month:

July 11th – Cactus Festival, Brugge (BE)
July 12th – Les Ardentes, Liege (BE)
July 16th – Zanne Festival, Catania (IT)
July 24th – Le Pont du Rock Festival, Malestroit (FR)
July 25th – Stuttgart-Festival, Stuttgart (DE)
July 26th – Carroponte, Sesto San Giovanni (IT)
July 31st – Les Nuits Secrètes, Aulnoye-Aymeries (FR)