Berlin Festival Special

Berlin Music Week, is almost in itself is a bit too greedy for some. It’s gathering of musicians, artists and press happily brought to us the best of the best into Germany’s musical hub. This was all before Berlin Festival had even kicked off. Berlin Festival, taking place after First We Take Berlin Festival and other artistic events held throughout the week, acted as the final conclusion. Centered in Berlin’s abandoned Templehof airport, the setting is it’s most poignant factor, with a vast amount of open space being sadly wasted.

Only happening over the Friday and Saturday, Berlin Festival certainly jammed packed it’s stages with the likes of high flying stars; Blur, Bjork, Pet Shop Boys, My Bloody Valentine and Bastille. Throughout these two nights in the empty Templehoff, the audience and atmosphere, remained rather tame throughout the festival. Maybe Berlin’s sense of energy has been warn out by the outrageous happenings throughout the summer in Berlin and at Melt! Festival. Simple musical highlights, were undoubtably the return of London born and bred Blur. With Damon Albarn, Alex ‘cheese’ James, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree, it’s impossible for them not to put on a great show. Being amongst not so many Blur fan’s however, there was little recognition to all their wonders. That was until the distinctive Song 2 hit, with the reaction they so sought after.

Saturday, too had Icelandic sensation Bjork appearance on the main stage. Dazzling lights, and reformed lightening, Bjork was joined by a choir of exceptional singers, sending the audience into a complete daze of ore and satisfaction. With the addition of some of Berlin and Europe’s rising stars Mighty Oaks, Asbjorn and SOHN and French-Soler, there was plenty to keep everyone going. Closing off the festival in the arena site, the weekend, and Berlin Music Week was fondly set off by a disco pumped set by French duo Justice.