Berlin Obsessions #1



I’ve just considered buying a ski jacket and pants to wear here in Berlin. You’d perhaps be mistaken for thinking a weekend in St Moritz was on the cards, but unfortunately, this is not the case. I just want to be able to leave the front door without being turned into an icicle. Fashion may have to fall by the wayside. It’s only autumn so hopefully my fingers haven’t dropped off by the time winter arrives.

So, despite the obvious – every man and their dog donning hats and scarves – yes dogs too (don’t forget where you are), and some with far greater fashion sense than their owners – one of the biggest tell-tale signs winter has arrived is your ability to enter a club in record time, especially those built for the outdoors (yep, good weather’s gone, get over it) including Kater Holzig and Rummelsberg located Sisyphos, unknowingly mispronounced ‘syphilis’ by my Australian friend. Yes, careful what you get up to in those toilets.

The decline in temperature has definitely brought with it a diminished wait time at these venues because let’s face it, although Berliners, and the city’s tourists alike, are dance music fans, they’re not complete idiots and sometimes the weather will force you to hibernate. And look, I get that North Face jackets (although in my opinion, not the most sensual item of clothing one could own) are a necessity here for many, but I don’t particularly enjoy staring at fleece and breathable HyVent all night long while I am waiting – so unprovocative. What about a little colour, a little flair? Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so judgemental, I am the one considering ski pants. Considering though, remember?

I don’t think superclub Berghain’s queue will ever shrink though, even during a snowstorm, but I am still not ready to risk frostbite yet. Okay, maybe I am, but only for the Hacker, the Hacker and Magda, and only if there’s at least a litre of “glühwein” involved. Recently I went to cavernous music hidey-hole Tiefgrund, near Ostbahhof – no queues there – and should there be a queue, well… aren’t you lucky that Kino Zukunft is directly next door so you can get your friends to wait in line while you go and check out the documentary on Bar 25.

Four-piece German psyc rockers Nihling were on the bill alongside, electronica/industrial/metal/ambient-act the Eye of Time. How can all these genres co-exist? Don’t ask questions, they can, ok? Think that’s confusing, then what about this… Lead singer with a ZZtop beard, t-shirt with ‘total fucking destruction’ scrawled across the front and obligatory armband tattoos. Did I mention he’s French (quite a contrast hearing that language being spoken softly between all the screamo) and his instrument of choice is cello? Ah, I love Berlin. Full of everything you’d never expect.

Sabine is a writer and electronic music producer from Australia who recently moved to Berlin to experience the different music scene. Now she puts together all her furious adventures in her very own column for Berlin Sessions. You can follow Sabine on Tumblr and  Soundcloud