Blood, sweat and beer, was on Boysetsfire agenda when they kindly accompanied us in Monbijou Park in Mitte. Members Nathan Gray and Chad Istvan, were lucky enough to experience it during the sweltering heat of the unexpected sun down-pour upon Berlin.

Aged 40 and geared up to return to their roots, it appeared that they panned to make little adaption to their lifestyles, as they danced around as if the beer’s they had, were their first in weeks. Bringing back their post-hardcore sound for a Boysetsfire reunion, they unveiled a more stripped back version of ‘My Life In The Knife Trade’ and ‘The Misery Index.’ Stripping back not only their sound, but they took down the stereotypical hardcore rock exterior for a gentleman’s charm, welcoming and speaking to any fans that walked past.

No-one want’s to ever get too old for frolicking around, and Chad and Nathan, prove just that. Nothing is about to stop them.