• Haux


    Settled in the space between dreamy folk and electronic melancholy – Haux is the smoky-eyed silhouette of Woodson Black. Growing up in the Berkshires, Woodson found his voice while wandering the quiet woods and rural landscapes. He narrated life through film photographs, developing a pastoral aesthetic that would go on […]

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  • Liraz


    Singer, songwriter and actress Liraz Charhi has wowed crowds with her performances of stage, sound, and screen. In this groundbreaking musical project Liraz sought to combine modern sounds and beats with the ethnic flavour from her persian roots. Liraz’s family emigrated to Israel during the 70’s at the brink of […]

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  • Boom Pam

    Boom Pam

    Tel Aviv-based band Boom Pam formed in 2003. They play a mixture of Mediterranean rock and surf music in the format of a unique quartet including: Electric Guitar, Tuba, Keyboard and Drums. Boom Pam regularly play in clubs, bars, live venues and music festivals around the world. Their live act […]

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  • Jewish Monkeys

    Jewish Monkeys

    The Jewish Monkeys are masters of identity play, knights of the absurd, musicians and comedians, who deliver an exhilarating show. They love breaking ethnic and religious taboos, combined with liberating salvos of satire and Balkan klezmer’esque rock music in English and Yiddish.

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  • Vaadat Charigim

    Vaadat Charigim

    Shoegaze from Tel Aviv!.   https://www.facebook.com/vaadatcharigim

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    Berlin-based HYMMJ (Have You Met Miss Jones) are in our opinion one of the hottest live bands at the moment. They sound like Tame Impala locked themselves in with Josh Homme and The Black Keys to work on new songs somewhere in the Mojave desert in Nevada. In 2017 the band […]

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  • Mother’s Favorite Daughter

    Mother’s Favorite Daughter

    Born and raised in Maryland, the two cousins found happiness and love in Berlin. Having them play at a few events of ours already we thought it should be finally time to record the two talents on tape. This is what we did on a windy summer day at our […]

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  • Lor


    Generally, the label ‘wunderkind’ should be used very carfully. But in the case of polish girlband Lor, it is just the right term. At age 14 and 15, they produce and write all songs on their own. All of them are highly skilled with their instruments and voices and we […]

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  • NOSOYO LIVE @Astra

    NOSOYO LIVE @Astra

    Back in February, NOSOYO supported our dear friends of theAngelcy at Astra Kulturhaus. Even though they just count a third compared to theAngelcy, there was an immediate connection with the audience. This is their instant hit ‘6 or 7 Weeks’!

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  • Immergut Festival Special 2016

    Immergut Festival Special 2016

    Smoking hot BBQ’s as far as the eye can see, bouncing girls with flower headbands and soap bubbles in the air can just mean one thing: THE FESTIVAL SUMMER HAS STARTED. And as always, Immergut Festival sets the starting shot! This years Immergut was again packed with hell of good music. […]

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  • Frase


    Fraser MacDougall aka FRASE is a multi instrumentalist & beat maker from Montreal, Canada. With a soulful voice, heartfelt songwriting and an energetic live performances FRASE is capturing audiences all over the world. When we heard that he will be traveling Germany for quite a while we couldn’t help ourselves […]

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  • Tzlil


    In late 2015, we spent a couple of weeks in Tel Aviv to meet interesting musicians. One of them is Tzlil. Her music is a unique fusion of international pop with Middle-Eastern influences. She invited us to experience her live show at the well-known InDnegev Festival – a huge three-day live-music extravaganza […]

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  • The Angelcy

    The Angelcy

    Most of you probably still remember them from our session on a Berlin Rooftop back in 2013. Now it was their turn to show us around their home base: our lovely friends of the Angelcy took us on a bus ride through Tel Aviv, where they sang their powerful hymn “People of […]

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  • Zohara


    When we went to Israel in late 2016, we also met this talented artist: Zohara, who mixes influences from electronical as well as classical music and jazz. With her crystal clear yet authentic and compelling voice she adds an ethereal dimension to  her song “D-Love”, which she performed live for us […]

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  • Buttering Trio

    Buttering Trio

    A couple of weeks before their jaw-dropping show at Bi Nuu, Berlin, we encountered the amazing Buttering Trio in a slightly different environment, that couldn’t have been more appropriate for a live performance of their super cool saxophone infused trip hop beats. It was on a sunny afternoon in the garden […]

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  • Dani Dorchin

    Dani Dorchin

    Dani Dorchin is a blues-rocknroll-phenomenon, who needs nothing but his own limbs and lungs and lips combined a guitar and a base drum to create a sound of a full rockband. We met him in the middle of an empty swimming pool in Tel Aviv, where he played his song “Take […]

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  • Tatran


    Tatran, that is Tamuz Dekel on guitar, Dan Mayo on drums and Offir Bejaminov on the bass, are puristic in a sense, and spiritual in another: their instrumental songs are proof for their talent for composition, while their live performances show off that certain little something, that lifts their melodies and arrangements […]

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  • Gili Yalo

    Gili Yalo

    Gili Yalo has been the first artist we have met so far, who sang his tunes to us in amharic, the official language of his native country. And it’s not just in his words, that Gili stays true to it’s roots: His vibrant mix of reggae, soul and funk is wonderfully peppered with ethipioan influences, as […]

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  • Dudu Tassa

    Dudu Tassa

    Dudu Tassa, grandson to Daoud Al Kuwaiti, one of the most important masterminds of mondern iraqi music, these days is one of the key figures of the israeli rock scene himself. With no less than 11 album released up to this point, he fuses arabic influences with progressive rock bits and powerful […]

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  • Jim Kroft

    Jim Kroft

    With his folky, acoustic songs the Berlin-based talent Jim Kroft has travelled to parts of this planet, that are not necessariliy too well known for singing and songwriting indie-artists. So far, Jim has travelled half the globe in between Berlin, China, Russia and Zanzibar, bringing his honest and heartfelt songs to […]

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  • Shandy Mandies

    Shandy Mandies

    Recording in a studio where David Bowie and Nick Cave once produced records which made music history is probably every newcomer bands wet dream. So it was a special day for the “African–Influenced–Power–Krauts” aka the Shandy Mandies when we met them in the legendary Hansa Studios in the heart of Berlin. The […]

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  • Kafka Tamura

    Kafka Tamura

    Kafka Tamura is a German-British Soundcloud love story: Vocalist Emma Dawkins was only 16 when she started writing songs at her home in Southampton England and put them up on Soundcloud. It wasn’t much later that Patrick Bongers and Gabriel Häuser – two musicians from Leipzig – discovered Emmas work online and were […]

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  • 1000 Gram

    1000 Gram

    You can’t help but feel like in the middle of a 1990s road movie when listening to “Dances” – the second studio album of the German Swedish band 1000 Gram. Maybe it’s because the four guys have been commuting between Berlin and Gothenburg for the last couple of years – or […]

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  • Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets

    Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets

    Well, their band name is truly hard to remember but their slight melancholic guitar sound will be engraved on your mind immediately. Forming Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets in 2010 already, Szymon, Christoph and Hubert are now balancing life between university, work and music. After rocking the stage at Jenseits von Millionen […]

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  • Pablo Nouvelle

    Pablo Nouvelle

    Architecture and old 60’s movies make great ingredients for a fresh unconventional sound: This is proven by Swiss musician Pablo Nouvelle – AKA Fabio Friedli – who chose his alter ego after being inspired by French architect Jean Nouvel and the Nouvelle Vauge films of the 60’s. Starting off as a Hip-Hop producer Fabio later […]

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  • Lunatic Festival 2015

    Lunatic Festival 2015

    Back in 2003 a group of students of Leuphana University in Lüneburg had a pretty looney idea: why not put up a festival in this sleepy town and prove to everybody out there, that having fun on festivals and treating the environment with care do not necessarily rule each other […]

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  • Balthazar


    Well, this was quite a challenging session for all of us: Right next to the beautiful woods of Immergut Festival in Neustrelitz we met Balthazar and – unfortunately – millions of insatiable mosquitoes. But professional as they are, Balthazar performed their two great songs ‘Bunker’ and ‘Nightclub’ flawlessly. Besides these songs […]

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  • Immergut Festival Special 2015

    Once a year Neustrelitz, a little sleepy town in the beautiful area of Mecklenburger Seenplatte, experiences a sudden pilgrimage of young music lovers, who have been gathering here for Immergut for 17 years now. And – as expected – Immergut 2015 has absolutely lived up to its name once again. […]

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  • Ducktails


    We met Jersey based Ducktails directly on the backstage parking lot of windy Immergut Festival after they stepped out of their van for an express session. Singer Matt grabbed an acoustic guitar and transformed two of the bands normally pretty new wavy songs in beautiful acoustic tunes. To avoid the […]

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  • Kelvin Jones

    Kelvin Jones

    For Kelvin Jones, who’s „never really been a words guy“, found his perfect medium for expressing himself just a few years ago: the now 19-year-old picked up a electrical guitar at some point, and started writing his own pieces very quickly, dealing with truly heartfelt topics that words sometimes just […]

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  • Sea Change

    Sea Change

    The music of Sea Change really gets you into a deep modus of pleasant relaxation: the electronic dream-pop tunes do not only produce a calming tranquility but are also filled with a lot of uplifting moments due to the gripping loops that can be heard within the intimate tracks. On […]

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  • Darcy


    When taking his first steps in songwriting at the age of 13, the now 20 year-old Xavier D’Arcy aka Darcy had no one but the great Bob Dylan as an idol, but it took him a moment to realize that he just had to follow his real passion. Having graduated […]

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  • She Keeps Bees

    She Keeps Bees

    When She Keeps Bees, that is Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, enter a stage, it’s obvious that this couple shares a very special connection: For nearly ten years the now couple have been playing music together, that they mostly recorded at home. Recently they released record number three, the phenomenal […]

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  • Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

    Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

    Two-time JUNO Award winner Dan Mangan has been playing with quite a number of musicians supporting him on stage and in the studio for quite a while now. For their latest record, the band behind the Canadian singer/songwriter played a bigger role than ever. And now “Club Meds”, released in […]

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  • Stephanie Grace

    Stephanie Grace

    It can’t get more stereotypical than this. While being out for a beer at a beach bar in Sydney we saw Stephanie Grace perform a small stage next to the endless white beach. Even though everybody in the bar got hammered, as aussies do on a regular basis;  trust us […]

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  • I Have A Tribe

    I Have A Tribe

    It was not the first time for Patrick O’Laoghaire of I Have A Tribe to perform in Berlin when we met him. The Irish artist loves this city and always enjoys coming back, whether it’s for work or just for a good time with his friends. O’Laoghaire has had the […]

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  • Husky


    Well, since one part of our team is in Australia shooting amazing videos in the outback at the moment, we, the ‘Berlin left behinds’, were really happy when these two Australian originals performed in front of our cameras: HUSKY HUSKY is a two-man band from Melbourne/Australia with the members Husky […]

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  • Life In Film

    Life In Film

    This sounds incredibly smooth like an ocean: We present the UK-based quartet Life In Film. The indie rock band was founded in January 2012 in London and consists of Samuel Fry (lead singer, guitar), Edward Ibboston (vocals,guitar), Dominic Sennett (vocals, bass) and Micky Osment (vocals, drums). All band-members are friends […]

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  • hundreds


    Eva and Philipp, brother and sister, the Milners or just: Hundreds. The siblings of the Milner family are truly blessed with music. The duo hailing from Hamburg is known for blending the delicate voice of Eva with electro-pop sounds in most of their songs. Eva as songwriter/singer and her brother […]

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  • MissinCat


    The Italian Caterina Barbieri, who most of you might now by her stage name MissinCat, has been living a dream. The singer/songwriter moved to Germany eight years ago so she could pursue her musical career in the only city she thought was perfect for it: Berlin. In the meantime she […]

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  • Talking to Turtles

    Talking to Turtles

    This band is just as adorable as its name! We have met the lovely TtT for this calming session, where we melted away in their warmth and soft melodies. Their sweet singing voices along the guitar and piano sounds were just the perfect match for the cozy jazz pub Yorkschlösschen, located at […]

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  • We Are The City

    We Are The City

    It was in 2008 when highschool friends Cayne McKenzie, Andrew Huculiak and David Menzel decided to form a band. Their self-called ‘experimental pop’ project, some call it prog-rock, runs after the name We Are The City. Within 1 year after moving from Kelowna (CAN) to Vancouver they released their first record […]

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  • Jonathan Jeremiah

    Jonathan Jeremiah

    To stand out as a folk musician amongst the hundreds, has never been an easy challenge. The comparisons can come on relentless until your music looses its own artistic identity. Jonathan Jeremiah has the ability to keep to times yet revert his nostalgic music to an era long gone. With […]

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  • Alice Boman

    Alice Boman

    Back in 2013 Alice Boman sent a demo, containing a collection of home recorded songs, to Adrian recordings and the unbelievable happened: Her label was so overwhelmed by those five beautiful tracks, that there was simply no other way but releasing „Skisser“ on the spot. It’s the spontaneity, the directness, […]

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  • Dominic Donner

    Dominic Donner

    We couldn’t believe our ears: Dominic Donner (engl. =  Dominic Thunder), is not his stage name, but as real, honest and down-to earth as his songs. The first instrument that the now 19-year-old from Potsdam put his hands on when he was a little boy was a cello. But it […]

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  • Le Very

    Le Very

    We’re thrilled to present you the first session that includes not just a bunch of extremely gifted musicians, but also a brilliant dance performance as well: It’s the amazing Le Very, a five headed project around singer and guitarist Nikolas Tillmann. Their music is nothing but a total work of […]

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  • Freddy Fudd Pucker

    Freddy Fudd Pucker

    If you try saying this artist’s name in the same pace he strums his guitar, it’s hard not to mix up initials: Freddy Fudd Pucker, Freddy Fudd Pucker, Freddy Pudd F….. The man behind the pseudonym that is so hard to pronounce is Tom Young, who was enlightened with his […]

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  • Karim


    “The movie ended bad, so trying to keep the soudtrack in mind.” This is kind of a special session. I was on a winterbreak in a small fishing town in morocco, thats where I met Karim. While playing a game of billard I heard his amazing voice from far away. […]

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  • Orenda Fink

    Orenda Fink

    Some might know her as Maria Taylors companion in the US-dream pop duo Azure Ray from Omaha, Nebraska, but Orenda Fink is a pretty amazing solo-musician as well. Her show at Privatclub was a very promising premiere of Trickser’s and Burning Eagle Booking’s new concert series listen., which was opened […]

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  • Jonah


    It all started one winter when Jonah aka Angelo Mammone and Christian Steenken were involved into a snowball fight in their little hometown of Brake in Northern Germany. Luckily they put down their icy weapons and became friends instead — and at some point band members as well. Now — […]

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  • 77 Bombay Street

    77 Bombay Street

    77 Bombay Street’s band history, that officially started in 2008 in their grandparent’s basement, goes way back into the personal biography of its four members: The brothers Joe, Matt, Esra and Simri-Ramon sang and played their first melodies at a very young age, when they were part of their parent’s […]

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  • I Am Oak

    I Am Oak

    We are more than thrilled to release our incredible 100th SESSION on this second Christmas day! For this very special one we managed to get one of our favorite bands to play for us: The fabulous I am Oak from Utrecht, in our ears one of the greatest representatives of contemporary […]

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  • Pause Applause

    Pause Applause

    In order to play a proper acoustic performance for us, Pause Applause did not just switch from e-guitar to an acoustic one, but also brought a rather unusual instrument to their Berlin Session: equipped with a couple of empty jam jars, beer glasses and a bucket of water plus more […]

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  • Great Danes

    Great Danes

    When we say that we met Great Danes the other day for a session, we didn’t let a pack of monstrous german dogs bark into our cameras. In fact we met a lovely half New Zealand, half British indie-folk band, consisting of Tim Hook and Chester Travis, who are no […]

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  • Adna


    While others were probably still struggling with post-highschool future plans, Adna, who was born in Bosnia and grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, obviously had already found herself long ago in terms of her own artistic expression: Pretty much right after graduating from high school, she released her debut „Night“ on […]

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  • Felidae Trick

    Felidae Trick

    Felidae Trick are a lovely band from Germany, Austria and Israel that we met in early October 2014. Founded in 2011 by Omer Liechtenstein in his native Tel Aviv, the project quickly grew into a full band, that is presently based in Berlin. In early 2014 they released their latest […]

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  • Josh The Cat

    Josh The Cat

    Josh The Cat is coming from the other side of the world. His energetic tunes are bringing back a vibe of the 80s and are a mirror of his musical journey over the past years which has started early on in Melbourne Australia. This session was shot during a showcase on […]

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  • Miss Kenichi

    Miss Kenichi

    When we were roaming through Berlin to find the perfect spot for our upcoming session with Kathrin Hahner alias Miss Kenichi, we came across the beautiful art space of painter Matteo Dineen, who turned out to be an old friend of Miss Kenichi. So it didn´t take long until he […]

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  • Adam Cohen

    Adam Cohen

    Adam Cohen, son of songwriting legend Leonard Cohen, has gone through a process of artistically and musically searching and finding himself since he released his debut in 1998. After several up´s and down´s, including the thought of just quitting the music business, Adam Cohen luckily did not give up on […]

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  • Sóley


    Some might have already known and appreciated her talent as a part of the icelandic indie-folk-band Seabear. Sóley, who for some (for us simply incomprehensible) reason once thought that her voice just wasn´t made for singing, luckily made up her mind a while ago, and started making her own songs. […]

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  • Josh


    It was on a trip throughout south-east asia that the siblings Janine and Vera made a groundbreaking decision for their lives after this journey. Inspired by an eye-opening encounter with a young Argentinian named Juan (who also lends his name to their bag-manufacture Juan The Ally), the sisters decided to […]

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  • Lonksi And Classen

    Lonksi And Classen

    Many years have elapsed, since the Berlin-based Lonski & Classen started playing music together, and it’s obviously not just us who wouldn’t mind taking them to a lonely island: For their latest album “All tomorrow is illusion” they teamed up with Yann Tiersen, and recorded a couple of songs in […]

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  • Boreal Sons

    Boreal Sons

    In September the very charming Canadian quartet Boreal Sons toured Europe for the first time, and after having visited Holland, Poland and having played several shows at Reeperbahn Festival, they spontaneously paid a visit to Berlin as well, and met us for one afternoon at the beergarden of Urban Spree. […]

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  • Alice Phoebe Lou

    Alice Phoebe Lou

    Since 2012 it has been pretty much impossible in Berlin to not bump into this petite blonde girl who played her powerful & bluesy songs in the streets of Berlin almost every day – we are talking about Alice Phoebe Lou. The 20 year-old grew up in Kommitje, South Africa and […]

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  • Our Berlin Music Week

    Our Berlin Music Week

    A little further down the Spree Riverside, below the roof of a former coal stockyard some more friends of ours, the ladies of NORDIC BY NATURE hosted the Our/Berlin Stage next to Oberhafen Kantine, where we spent a lot of time, appreciating a fine selection of nordic acts like Alice […]

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  • Jenseits von Millionen 2014

    Jenseits von Millionen 2014

    In the beginning of August we spent two lovely days at the 10th Jenseits von Millionen Festival. Once a year the 3000- soul village Friedland is welcoming another 3000 young and music loving people to its idyllic home. And it is not just the location that is special about this […]

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  • Lunatic Festival 2014

    Lunatic Festival 2014

    In June we went to the 11th edition of LUNATIC festival in the usually rather quiet university town of Lüneburg. Ever since its foundation in 2004 LUNATIC has become pioneering in balancing a colourful music and arts fest with the smallest ecological footprint possible. This once again resulted in a […]

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  • Ludmilla


    The slavic name Ludmilla means the “graceful people” and is eponymous to Berlin-based singer-songwriter Anne, who shared a few of her witty songs last week in Alt-Stralau, in the idyllic setting of Treptower Park, facing the “Insel der Jugend”. If you like her closeby-namesake Ani di Franco, you will probably […]

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  • Grandjean


    Copenhagen-based talent Grandjean started off at a very young age, playing drums and writing rap songs which he performed at his friend´s birthday parties. Meanwhile he looks back on a rather successful music carreer: With his electronica-band Luke he repeatedly achieved nominations for the danish Grammy and toured the world […]

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  • Immergut Festival Special 2014

    Immergut Festival Special 2014

    The 15th edition of Immergut Festival took place in Neustrelitz in May 2014 and has more than beaten our expectations of the first festival-highlight of this year! Blessed with the most perfect weather on tree sprinkled meadows, surrounded by lakes and wood land and loads of happy people, we enjoyed […]

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  • Rah Rah

    Rah Rah

    Excessive instrument-swapping, the blow-up letters R, A and H bouncing on top of the heads of the audience and some of the finest indie rock made Rah Rah´s performance at this years Immergut festival one of the most exciting shows of the weekend. Several weeks of touring prior to that […]

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  • Canoe Love

    Canoe Love mark a little historical moment in the Berlin Sessions chronicle: they teamed up as a brand new band just a few moments before we were about to shoot the performance by Singer Songwriter Ryan Ferris, who usually performs his vibrant songs in the only company of his guitar. […]

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  • James Hersey

    James Hersey

    Vienna is probably not the first place that comes to mind in terms of electropop. With his mix of handmade electro, singer-songwriter and dub-beats Austrian-American artist James Hersey is about to change this. Having provided his 2012 Mixtape “TWELVE” on his website for free to make sure that people would […]

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  • Enda Gallery

    Enda Gallery

    Last fall our irish friend Enda Gallery played the Berlin Sessions showcase at Urban Spree, where he touched many hearts with his stunning voice and the warm sound of his guitar. His songwriting is shaped by these little moments, these little incidents that happen within the blink of an eye, […]

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  • Lasse Matthiessen

    Lasse Matthiessen

    Lasse Matthiessen was born in Copenhagen and inherit the passion for music from his father who is a jazz pianist and producer. Young Lasse starts to play guitar in two garage rock bands but soon realised that he wants to write some emotional songs only supported by his guitar. So […]

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  • Charlie Rayne

    Charlie Rayne

    Charlie Rayne grew up in Lebanon and just recently started to roam the planet and play his wonderful music in other countries. During his youth he was heavly influenced by the music of Bob Dylan and other american songwriters. He uses his strong voice and melodic strumming rhythms to tell […]

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  • Xul Zolar

    Xul Zolar

    At the vivid Dockville Festival we met a lot of amazing bands and on one free afternoon we asked the guys from Xul Zolar to play a little show for us in the cosy Kleiderkreisel tent. On their records the young band from Cologne uses deep synth melodies and heavy […]

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    Just in time, before it started to rain we finished our session with the quirky guys from PTTRNS. Their style combines rhythmic indie music with cheesy 90s RNB tunes and we simply had a blast watching them perform. We shot the session at an urban gardening project on the abandoned airport Tempelhof.

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  • The 1975

    The 1975

    Leaving behind his bandmates at Melt! Festival, The 1975’s frontman Matthew Healy, quickly stepped up to the job of performing a rather relaxed session of their popular indie-pop anthem’s ‘Sex,’ and ‘Chocolate.’ The 1975, with their first success dating only back to January 2012, have climbed rapidly up the ladder […]

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  • The Burning Hell

    The Burning Hell

    The Burning Hell is a music collective that originated in Canada and was founded by history teacher Mathias Kom. The music is a vivid mixture of folk, pop, rap and witty lyrics and basically sounds like madness has graduated from music academy.  Live shows, which are performed with the help […]

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  • Jan Roth

    Jan Roth

    An endless passion in percussion and a musical history of drumming alongside some of the best, Jan Roth a musician never tired of being a connoisseur of innovative new sounds, cannot drive himself away from the other end of the percussive family, the piano. Away from assisting fellow jazz bands, […]

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  • Unmap


    During cold Berlin winternights the dark sound of UNMAP was created. The new project, which has it origins in the geeky Sinnbus label, is producing an unique sound that is oscillating between dark and bright, organic and transhuman. We shot this very special video at the label headquarter in Berlin Wedding. […]

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  • Darien


    As a kid Darien stayed up late, writing songs and playing the guitar in her bedroom. As resulat she recorded her first demos at the age of thirteen. She moved to the US and kept on making songs about being hurt and loved about deep sea fish and the vast […]

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  • Berlin Festival Special

    Berlin Festival Special

    Berlin Music Week, is almost in itself is a bit too greedy for some. It’s gathering of musicians, artists and press happily brought to us the best of the best into Germany’s musical hub. This was all before Berlin Festival had even kicked off. Berlin Festival, taking place after First […]

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  • Yalta Club

    Yalta Club

    Yalta Club, define themselves as a ‘melodious community,’ sharing their joy and love of music. Together they bring with them their light hearted and warming melodies through their pop-folk explosive songs. Spiraled around influences from every corner, their joyful harmonies and catching lyrics, flow from their admiration of 60’s bands […]

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  • Halasan Bazar

    Halasan Bazar

    Halasan Bazar has become Copenhagen’s answer to a recreation of a sixties Californian college dropout psych band. With a strong alliance of influences from the 60‘s becoming widely apparent in their pysch pop fever of wandering guitar riffs, dreamy xylophones and fuzzed vocals. Meeting us on a slightly fragile morning […]

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  • Asbjørn


    It’s Berlin Music Week, and First We Take Berlin Festival is well underway, but this year it has the company of Our/Berlin Music Week (Nordic By Nature) open air stage and bar. It was here where in the very unexpected September sun, we found Danish pop sensation Asbjørn. Here they […]

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  • Fenster


    MS Dockville Festival, near Hamburg was home to a plethora of great acts from 16th to 18th August, this summer. We were lucky enough that one of them was Berlin based Fenster. Indie pop stars Fenster came together back in 2010, made up of a New Yorker, a Berliner and […]

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  • Jens Lekman

    Jens Lekman

    Jens Lekman is not just a hopelessly romantic Swedish musican but also on the Top15- List of  ‘Sexiest Man of Sweden’. His music is guitar-based pop with heavy use of samples and strings, with lyrics that are often witty, romantic, and melancholic. Lekman’s lyrics are inviting us to to look […]

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  • Jack Beauregard

    Jack Beauregard

    Jack Beauregard was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam, where Pär Lammers and Daniel Schaub studied. With their first two albums ‘Everyone Is Having Fun‘ (2009) and ‘The Magazines You Read‘ (2010) they proved that pop music is not always a cheesy thing to do. After supporting Hurts, Gotye, Mika and […]

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  • MS Dockville Festival Special

    MS Dockville Festival Special

    The beautiful MS Dockville Festival takes place in the outskirts of Hamburg. Located on an old industrial area at the waterfront, you can even get there by ferry. Beside the huge lineup, there is a lot of other things to discover on the festival site. Installations, theater and performances are […]

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  • The Angelcy

    The Angelcy

    On a short and pleasant trip to Berlin, The Angelcy stopped by ic! Berlin as we shot a session with them on their picturesque rooftop. With a stunning background scenery for company, we had no trouble in managing to capture their excitable energy. With only a few days in Berlin, […]

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  • Shields


    Shields return to Germany, after a successful stint on Intro magazine’s ‘Introducing’ Tour alongside Fidlar and P.S I Love You in February. However this time, things are changing. Shields play on their largest stage yet, at the packed out, sweltering Melt! Festival in Ferropolis. Adapting to the burning Ferropolis heat […]

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  • Mighty Oaks

    Mighty Oaks

    We joined Mit Vergnügen in the early summer sun, with a park, picnic and a tree as company. There, we were accompanied by the ‘three guys from three different countries,’ who together make up the talented Berlin based, Mighty Oaks. Mighty Oak’s individual indie-folk sound, is written through their cultural […]

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  • Local Natives

    Local Natives

    Just before they ran on stage to open up MELT! we luckily grabbed a moment with Los Angeles raised, Local Natives.  Amongst their busy tour schedule, they made the right choice in visiting MELT! Festival, and perfectly set the scene on the main-stage for a brilliant weekend ahead. Local Natives, […]

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  • Melt! Festival Special

    Melt! Festival Special

    Melt! Festival, Ferropolis, Germany 19 – 21 July Ferropolis, the ‘city of iron,’ plays as the host to Melt! Festival, a celebration around it’s historic industrial machinery. However, the last few days, the machinery had the company of 20,000 festival goers, ready to play and bask within their company. This […]

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    Honig, or translated in English ‘Honey,’ kindly accompanied us behind the scenes, for a special session at Immergut Festival. They managed to do so, despite a persistent surge of mosquito’s preying around their lead singer Stefan Honig. He had suddenly, become quite the catch. Stefan has since moved onwards from […]

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  • Phia


    PHIA ‘the girl with a Kalimba,’ seems to possess the past of a native Australian with the inspiration and musical edge of a true Berliner. PHIA is a self proclaimed ‘pop’ songwriter, with a great flare for authentic compositions. Saying this, PHIA, or otherwise known as Sophia Exiner, prefer’s to […]

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  • Boysetsfire


    Blood, sweat and beer, was on Boysetsfire agenda when they kindly accompanied us in Monbijou Park in Mitte. Members Nathan Gray and Chad Istvan, were lucky enough to experience it during the sweltering heat of the unexpected sun down-pour upon Berlin. Aged 40 and geared up to return to their […]

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  • David Jonathan

    A little und humble cabin in Catskill (New York), near the Hudson river, was the perfect place for the Berlin based Singer-Songwriter David Jonathan to write his first songs. When he came back to Germany, he met 3 old friends who fastly became the rest of the band. Together, they […]

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  • The Vaccines

    The Vaccines

    When the Vaccines released their first demo tape, the british radio channel Radio 1 entitled it as “The Hottest Record In The World“. A huge hype broke off in England and the boys, who just figured out to be a band, had the pressure to really find their own sound and release an album which could stand the hype.

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  • Immergut Festival Special

    Immergut Festival Special

    The Festival season is the most fun season of the year! It is the time of the year where you can just live out your passion for music and escape the daily grind. The only things that matter: you and your friends dancing to music, drinking from the morning on without a bad conscience and decorating yourself

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  • Milky Chance

    Milky Chance

    A couple of months ago, one of our crew members was singing from the highest treetops, after hearing that an old friend from school was going to release his first album. Back in time, his friend Clemens was really talented and so he was more than happy that there was […]

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  • Die Orsons

    Die Orsons

    Not every rap combo is trying to position themselves as badass hustlers who are looking for trouble. “Die Orsons” claim to be the best good looking boyband from germany and are trying to spread peace and harmony in the Hip Hop community. For our session at the wonderful shop Treibut […]

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  • Coby Grant

    Coby Grant

    After a very long and cold winter and the fact that we allready reached May, the people of Berlin were yearning for sunshine and temperatures over 20° degrees. And finally, on the day we met the singer-songwriter Coby Grant, spring won the battle against Father Frost. The young australian musician is just about to release…

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  • Yes Cadets

    Yes Cadets

    Yes Cadets, are a trio of a new surge of indie-electro sounds, quickly emerging from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They recently landed themselves at Kino Zukunft, Friedrichshain to say a quick hello to Berlin Sessions. Stripped off their usual keys and synths and unplugged, we met to hear an acoustic deliverance […]

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  • Bastille


    We took Bastille on an adventure to the pulsating heart of Berlin and found a place close by to Kottbusser Tor for our Session. The London based quartett just released their amazing debut album “Bad Blood” and is going to play as support act on the upcoming Muse tour.

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  • Yesterday Shop

    Yesterday Shop

    When you listen to the debut Album of Yesterday Shop you can experience the same feeling, that we get when when we shoot a session. It’s not an overproduced indie-pop album with banging snythie beats. As a matter of fact it sounds like the band has recorded the album right there at you livingroom, just for you and your friends

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  • Berliner Kneipenchor

    Berliner Kneipenchor

    In early 2011, Mathias Hielscher, former bass player of the German band Virginia Jetzt!, started the Berliner Kneipenchor, following the example of the British pub choires: A group of people, who regularly come together to sing some songs, have a beer or two, and enjoy themselves. By now the Berliner […]

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  • Berlin Sessions Teaser

    Berlin Sessions Teaser

    We’ve just recently released our 50s Berlin Sessions and because of this major jubilee we made a teaser. Share this video if you want to support us! We also drop our very first and super fantastic Online Sampler with tracks from Wye-Oak, Max Prosa and the Howling Bells and newcomers like Spring Offensive, Will Samson and Tula.

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  • Tom Klose

    Tom Klose

    Tom Klose, singer songwriter from Hamburg, is getting a lot of attention for his special song writing talent in the last few month. Combined with his expressive voice and outgoing appearance on stage, it does not come as a surprise that the young man has won the Krach and Getöse music contest in Hamburg earlier this year.

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  • Pretty Mery K

    Pretty Mery K

    Named after one of Elliott Smith’s, more uplifting songs, Pretty Mery K combines mellow, neo – folk elements with a hint of pop. All four members, very much influenced by classical Jazz music, like to tell little stories in each of their tunes. It does not come as a surprise, with Mr Smith, known for his song writing skills…

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  • Dota


    In the beginning Dota studied the art of medicine, so she could heal shattered bodies. Luckily for us, she started as well to heal wounded souls with her music. By the age of 21, she began playing the guitar and travelled the world singing her songs in the streets. She […]

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  • Me and my Drummer

    Me and my Drummer

    On a quick glimpse, Me And My Drummer have all the typical attributes of a newcomer: They are young, endearing and talented. But then again their sound, merely consisting of piano and drums, synths and divine vocals, is so crisp and experienced, that you just gotta go beyond surface level. The duo consisting of Charlotte…

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  • Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws

    Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws

    Phoebe Killdeer and her band The Short Straws are radiating coolness. The Paris born singer with australian roots, made her way to the London club scene, where she worked as a sound engineer. She developed her own singing style during jam sessions and in 2003 she joined the french band […]

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  • Olli Schulz

    Olli Schulz

    According to Olli Schulz we live in a “terribly beautiful world”. Looking across the rooftops of Berlin-Mitte and into the faces of those lovely people, we think he‘s on rather solid ground with that assumption. Things have lately been going quite well for Olli, who released his first album in 2003 as Olli Schulz und der Hund Marie.

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  • Howling Bells

    Howling Bells

    From “Waikiki” to “Howling Bells” meant for the “Stein-siblings” to move half around the world. But let’s start from the beginning: Juanita Stein (singer, guitarist), her brother Joel (lead guitarist) and Glenn Moule (drummer) formed the pop-rock band “Waikiki” in 1999.  After their tour – mostly through their homeland Australia […]

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  • Lauter Leben

    Lauter Leben

    A young man sits at the river Spree. He is singing a song only accompanied by his guitar. The young man’s name is Nico Rebscher – singer of the band Lauter Leben from Berlin. The song is called “Es ist soweit”. With captivating words and a smile on his face he is describing […]

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  • Ewert and The Two Dragons

    Ewert and The Two Dragons

    Their name sounds like a fairytale and their music will bewitch you: Ewert and the Two Dragons are four gentlemen from Estonia who can break your heart, sweep up the shards, and glue them together to form something beautiful again. Yes, they’re that good. Founded in 2009 in Tallinn, the […]

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  • Message to Bears

    Message to Bears

    We don‘t actually know whether or not multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander has yet reached out to any bears with his musical message, but he definitely has some human listeners hanging on his every word. His fine-grained guitar picking usually transforms into dreamy, expansive compositions that take you away to rich green […]

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  • Pablo Decoder

    Pablo Decoder

    Spain meets England meets Sweden meets Berlin: Pablo Decoder are a multi cultured electro-pop duo from all over Europe. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and programmer Pablo was born in Spain and now lives in London and Berlin where he met backing vocalist and synth player Lotta Fahlén from Sweden. The two of […]

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  • Charity Children Berlin

    Charity Children Berlin

    “We are hopelessly hopeful.” Charity Children Berlin are two lovers from New Zealand, who send their melodies flying through the streets of Berlin. Elliot and Chloe fell in love making music together, and they have been a couple ever since. They only play outdoors, on street corners of the city, equipped […]

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  • Loney, Dear

    Loney, Dear

    Emil Svanängen aka Loney, Dear is a one-man orchestra. From guitar and vocals to percussion and piano, Emil plays and loops all kinds of instruments to create his rich, orchestral sound. His first four albums where recorded in his parents‘ basement in Jönköping, Sweden and self-released on CD-Rs. Since he […]

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  • Rosi Golan

    Rosi Golan

    It may sound like one of these well-known singer-songwriter myths: A girl aged 19, finding herself adrift and unsure of what to do with her life, grabs a guitar and teaches herself to play and write songs. Only a few years later, Rosi Golan turns out to be one of the most promising artists in this genre.

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  • Imaginary Cities

    Imaginary Cities

    Marti Sarbit has one of the most particular voices we‘ve ever heard. Therefore we figured that a session with her band Imaginary Cities wouldn‘t need a fancy location to turn into something exceptional. The buzzing streets of Berlin-Friedrichshain were the perfect fit for Imaginary Cities‘ unpretentious yet sweeping folk-pop. And Factory Girl, the charming coffeehouse where we sat down with Marti and multi-instrumentalist Rusty Matyas just added to the warmth of their songs.

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  • Wye Oak

    Wye Oak

    They used to be a couple, now they are best friends and also one of the most stirring bands around. Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack met at High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Together with two other friends they formed Wye Oak, the band name being a reference to the big white oak that used to be Maryland‘s honorary state tree. When the other two band members left Wye Oak, Andy – who used to merely play the drums – decided to back up Jenn‘s voice and guitar on keyboard and organ. The makeshift became the duo‘s trademark and seeing Andy play the keys with his left hand and drums with the right one is a more than commemorable sight.

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  • Herrenmagazin


    Hamburg meets Berlin: Not only did Herrenmagazin play a session for us, they also released their first album “Atzelgift” on Berlin record label Motor Music. The band consists of Deniz Jaspersen on vocals and guitar, Torben “König Wilhelmsburg” on guitar, Paul Konopacka on bass and Rasmus Engler on drums. To be honest, König and Paul haven’t actually been in the band from day one, but they fit just right in. In this band everything comes naturally – the music and the attitude.

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  • The Drums

    The Drums

    Brooklyn new wave rockers The Drums exploded on the indie music scene with the springtime release of their debut EP, “Summertime”, in March 2010. Three months later, the group released its first full-length album – a self-titled debut of nostalgic, head-bobbing tracks. The Drums have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide to date, including some 90,000 in the U.K., where it climbed to #16 on the charts.

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  • Spring Offensive

    Spring Offensive

    On their Tumblr blog Spring Offensive stated that their first ever tour through Germany was “the best time of this band’s career“. The first day of this formidable journey saw us drag the five piece from Oxford into a backyard next to infamous White Trash Fast Food. Here we discovered some kind of wonderland comprised of art, antiques and general curiosities: Friedrichslust. The little carpenter‘s shop was the perfect fit for the precious musical gems that Spring Offensive performed in front of our camera.

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  • Katie Costello

    Katie Costello

    When Katie Costello left her hometown Los Angeles she was only seventeen years old. From the beach to the Big Apple: “I never liked the beach, I’m a terrible driver, and I’m inherently neurotic, so Brooklyn was the perfect fit,” she said in an interview for Vogue in April. It was her first year in New York when the magic happened. It was a time of loneliness and as paradox as it may sound: It was Katie’s creative outburst. During that phase she wrote the songs for her latest album “Lamplight”. Songs which appear happy and light-footed at first but very wise and old-fashioned – in a good way – after a second listen. To produce her new album Katie got back to her roots in L.A. and took Tony Berg (Jesca Hoop, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn) on board. Since October she is supporting Greg Holden on his tour through Europe with a broken keyboard and food poisoning as a result. Well, tour life.

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  • Fritz Kalkbrenner

    Fritz Kalkbrenner

    In his spare time he doesn‘t listen to any electronic music at all. Fritz Kalkbrenner, one of Germany‘s most pleasant and exciting techno DJs, instead draws his inspiration from soul and funk stars like Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield. According to Fritz, you need to think outside of your own box to create something unique. Unsurprisingly, Fritz‘s way into techno Olympus did not begin with the release of a booming techno track produced in his bedroom or a congenial DJ set at some Berlin underground club.

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  • Dry the River

    Dry the River

    Dry the River are the incarnation of honesty poured into a fragile voice, and five band members who could not be any more different from each other. A Norwegian-born singer named Peter Liddle, a once-homeless drummer, and a classically trained violinist came together in London to first begin with some heartbreaking music. A guitarist and a very beardy bass player followed, and the band was complete in 2009. Since their first EP “The Chamber and the Valves” proved to be a catalyst for the band’s rapid stage career, it is to be hoped that their next jewel, the “Weights and Measures” EP turns out a similar success upon its release in November of this year. But actually, we are quite sure about that.

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  • Alex Winston

    Alex Winston

    Alex Winston‘s “Velvet Elvis“ is a lovesong dedicated to the kitsch images of Elvis Presley painted on dark velvet. These pictures of pop music‘s beloved icon have themselves been the topic of many pop songs including “Weird Al“ Yankovic‘s “Velvet Elvis“ and casting show favourite “Black Velvet“ by Alannah Myles. Alex‘s little ode can therefore be understood as a token of love for pop music. This falls into place especially when you come to know that the classically trained singer, who used to practice Puccini etcetera for ten years, grew up in Detroit, the cradle of Motown and Techno, and also the home of Madonna and Eminem.

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  • Flashguns


    Flashguns are an up-and-coming band from London. Sam, Olly and Giles became good friends at a Catholic boarding school and made rock music together ever since. After finishing school they focused on their music and played shows all over Europe. In October 2011 they released their debut album “Passions Of A Different Kind” on Humming Records. Sam, the singer of the band, told us that while producing the album it felt like going through all the different phases of becoming an adult.

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  • Sir Simon Battle

    Sir Simon Battle

    Sir Simon Battle – that’s Simon Frontzek and a bunch of his crazy friends. The Berlin-based musician Simon is a busy guy: He has also taken up the task of keyboarding for the German band Tomte, as well as being a producer himself. So in order to compose his straightforward and yet poetic songs about your everyday moments and hurdles, he must dive well into the night hours. That part of the day when your mind starts drifting away into the dark… and consequently, his debut album “Battles” was followed, in 2011, by “Goodnight, Dear Mind…”.

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  • Deathcrush


    We‘re not yet sure whether to find this performance by quirky Norwegian metal-pop outfit Deathcrush extremely cool or just plain weird. But then again, this seems to be what their whole career is about. Deathcrush call their songs “Lessons“ an dedicate them to the likes of Snoop Dogg and Cliff Burton.

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  • William Fitzsimmons

    William Fitzsimmons

    There are a lot of stories to tell about American songwriter William Fitzsimmons. Let‘s start with the obvious: US television loves this beardy multi-instrumentalist. His music was used by programmes such as One Tree Hill, Greek, Brothers & Sisters, Army Wives and, most prominently, Grey‘s Anatomy. His popularity with American TV might be down to the fact that Fitzsimmons tells intimate tales of his own psyche. His music is always part psycho-therapy – for himself and his listeners.

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  • Young Rebel Set

    Young Rebel Set

    Young Rebel Set are a charismatic bunch of Englishmen that started doing folk music in Stockton-on-Tees in North East England… and alas! They’re doing it good. Their music has just the combination of roughness and softness of the landscape these guys came out of. We keep marvelling over such a perfect voice, sometimes powerful, and sometimes on the verve of breaking. It breaks our hearts, really.

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  • Max Prosa

    Max Prosa

    A young Neo-Folk professional with wisdom and experience both in his voice and his lyrics: Max Prosa. Born in Berlin, Max got his first instrument at the age of six. His mother presented him with a guitar. And he was not able to lay it aside ever since. Writing your own songs, making your own music that was his identification -not studying physics and philosophy. No sooner felt than done.

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  • The Mountains & The Trees

    The Mountains & The Trees

    When Jon Janes, the only constant member of Canada’s The Mountains & The Trees asked us via Twitter if we are up for a session we were instantly excited to meet him. After all, you can’t go wrong with a tall grown musician traveling the world with a vintage flower suitcase. Jon had come all the way from Newfoundland to play gigs in the big European cities, so of course Berlin had to be on the itinerary and of course we made a session with him.

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  • The Mouse Folk

    The Mouse Folk

    This was by far the most comfortable session we ever did. The Mouse Folk invited us to a living-room concert in their flat at Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain. How adequate, because their living room is just as cosy as their music.

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  • Entertainment For The Braindead

    Entertainment For The Braindead

    Julia Kotowski, self–taught lo fi singer/songwriter from cologne takes her instruments wherever she goes, as if this would be the only way to communicate with the world around her.

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  • David Lemaitre

    David Lemaitre

    Born 3,600 metres above sea level in the city of La Paz in Bolivia, the young ears of David Lemaitre met songs of the South American Highland. He played guitar and grew up speaking three languages. As a teenager David discovered his passion for psychedelic bands of the 70’s. The door to new cultures and music influences opened when he moves to Europe as a student.

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  • Friska Viljor

    Friska Viljor

    Swedish band Friska Viljor emerged in 2005, when two broken-hearted musicians stumbled into a studio after a long night out. Daniel Johansson und Joakim Sveningsson were deeply disappointed by love, and spontaneously got together to make music – probably as a cheap therapy. Within short time, they had assembled their first album, and by now they’ve added three more pieces of art. The latest of these jewels is “The Beginning of the Beginning of the End“ – which we sincerely hope will not turn out a prophecy.

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  • Deep Sea Diver

    Deep Sea Diver

    As i first met the guys playing under the name of Deep Sea Diver, i was reminded of Jacques Cousteau and his crew. Always moving forward and trying to discover the mysteries of life. And basically their attitude is quite similar. The music by Deep Sea Diver is floating through space, like the submarine of Jacques was floating through a oceanic trench in the pacific.

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  • Ólöf Arnalds

    Ólöf Arnalds

    Ólöf Arnalds doesn’t play a harp, but somehow the spiritual atmosphere reminds us of one. Her songs are quiet, lyrical and delicate. The resonance of her acoustics and ingenuous voice sounds gentle, oscillating between innocent and evil witch child.

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  • Solo


    Solo used to be the band of Duchmen Michiel Flamman on vocals and guitar and Simon Gitsels on piano. The name is more suitable since 2008 when Simon left the band. Until then the two of them had released two albums and landed a top 20 hit in the Netherlands with upbeat pop song “Come Back To Me“. Another two albums and a best of called “This is Solo“ followed. Solo‘s musical spectrum ranges from catchy pop to intimate folk. The songs are usually centred around Michiel‘s unique and haunting voice, the goal is to stick to your mind the first time you hear them.

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  • Rue Royale

    Rue Royale

    The singer/songwriter duo Ruth and Brookln Dekker playing such harmonic songs only wife and husband can. Their authentic sound gets you like a breeze, while the melodies fit the soft and warm voices. An “Anglo-American outfit’s self-propelled adventure” sums it up well. Rue Royale is different – not because they hit it off without any manager or label – no, because they printed, snipped, sewed and stuffed 7,500 Rue Royale CDs, including 500 pre-orders for ‘Guide To An Escape’. And they knitted. Yes, both gave away hand-made knitted goods, e.g. hot water-bottle covers, for their fans. Now, that’s what we call effort.

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  • Charter


    Clean authentic rock you might call it, but when we met the very nice Antti and Tilman for Berlin Sessions even the black leather jacket couldn’t hide their softer, more poppy side. Their sound is not only influenced by the characters and backgrounds of the four musicians, living and playing music in London, Berlin and Finland. It’s the warm voice of singer Antti that gives you goose bumps.

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  • We Invented Paris

    We Invented Paris

    Rome may not have been built in a day, but inventing Paris seems to work out pretty fast! After only one year of band history the European artist collective We Invented Paris can look back on over 70 gigs in more than 50 cities. During that time they supported -among others- Kettcar, Octoberman and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

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  • Mega!Mega!


    Mega! Mega! are four crazy Berlin-based rockstars and two exclamation marks. Together, they form a bunch of loud and cheerful adventurers, eager to draw attention to their stylised kind of grandeur. And although one might argue they’re hard to ignore, it is also well worth listening to them.

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  • Will Samson

    Will Samson

    Will Samson’s music could be described as a soap bubble floating through a cold winter night. A warm camp fire on top of a very high mountain. Long story short, his music is sentimental as fuck. The young singer & songwriter was born in London and after finishing school he took his small acoustic guitar, closed the front door, and travelled the world. India, Morocco and Tibet are just some of the places he roamed.

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  • Ofrin


    Avantgarde Pop from Israel. Ofrin is about their singer and eponym Ofri Brin, a curly red head who attracts attention – not just by her hair – rather by her voice. A self-trained one, without a classical background. Ofri started as a singer in a chorus for the army in Israel. Haply Oded Kaydar was playing the piano there and they met for the first and for a short time ’cause they lost each others sight after Ofri left Israel. She started to work in the UK. After two years the second and musically explosive meeting between Ofri and Oded happened in Brighton. He convinced her to pack her bags and though they both ended up in Berlin.

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  • Lino Modica

    Lino Modica

    For #7 of our Berlin Sessions we filmed Lino Modica in front of the Kuriositätenkabinett at Graefestaße in Kreuzberg. Yes, on a neat little bench right near that cabinet of curiosities. And Lino might be just one of these curiosities that escaped from the tiny store at some point – but what an amiable one!

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  • The Black Atlantic

    The Black Atlantic

    It all started when Dutchman Geert van der Velde, then a philosophy student and singer of American hardcore band Shai Hulud, recorded a song for his girlfriend in 2006. The musical declaration of love turned into atmospheric folk project The Black Atlantic, the girlfriend later became not only Geert‘s wife but also an occasional band member.

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  • Eternal Tango

    Eternal Tango

    In one rather early episode of our Berlin Sessions we had the honour to record a song with Eternal Tango, just a few hours before their show. Founded in 2002 in Luxemburg, Eternal Tango released their debut album “First Round at the Sissi Café” in 2007 and follow-up “Welcome To The Golden City” in 2010. By now, the band from that tiny European country has become quite big. With their beyond-category style mixing energetic alternative rock with power pop and their own charming ideas they keep enchanting their audiences.

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  • Berge


    They started as four and ended up as two. And that is not a bad thing at all. Berge are Marianne and Rocco, two music lovers from Berlin. They sing about happiness and the search for luck is their thread. If you want to learn German their lyrics are definitely worth it. Combined with Marianne’s clear voice you are lost. Lost in a trap of dreams of a better world. Their sound is not as cheesy as this description. It is honest and with a flow of summer in it.

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  • Friday Night Hero

    Friday Night Hero

    When we met Brighton five piece Friday Night Hero in the summer of 2010 we had no idea the band would be history only some months later. They said goodbye to their fans on Facebook by posting our video to their song “Eternity“.

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  • Gariboff


    Sometimes he is heaven and sometimes he is leaves. That‘s what Gariboff sings in the chorus of his song “Himmel“, performed on the roof of an old tower at Treptower Park. Instead of gimmickry and stylised biographies, Gariboff is just voice and guitar. Nils, who uses his last name as stage name has been making music for almost twenty years, apart from his solo project he plays in bands Kerub and Alltagsdasein.

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  • Michaela Lucas

    Michaela Lucas

    Her music is shaped by her classical voice and simply the passion for creating her own music. Michaela Lucas was born in Adelaide and grew up in Coober Pedy, a little city with only 1.500 inhabitants in the south of Australia. At the age of 12 she started to write her first songs and hasn’t stopped since. After the experience of working as a trained classical singer in musical theatre, opera and cabaret, in Australia and Europe, she focused on her performances as a singer and songwriter.

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