Charity Children Berlin

“We are hopelessly hopeful.” Charity Children Berlin are two lovers from New Zealand, who send their melodies flying through the streets of Berlin. Elliot and Chloe fell in love making music together, and they have been a couple ever since. They only play outdoors, on street corners of the city, equipped with small instruments like ukulele, drums, harmonica and accordion. Some of their lyrics are based on 17th century folk songs, others find their inspiration in ancient Maori love poems. All of them are as innocent, tragic, and pretty as their creators.

Right now, Charity Children are recording their first album with Monkey Records – you should watch out for it by the end of 2012. Perhaps they will name it after the Oscar Wilde novel they also named the band and their piano after. But until this secret is disclosed and the album is finally on the market, you can only follow the advice on Chloe’s and Elliot’s Facebook page… to keep your eyes open and “find us on street corners”!