David Jonathan

A little und humble cabin in Catskill (New York), near the Hudson river, was the perfect place for the Berlin based Singer-Songwriter David Jonathan to write his first songs. When he came back to Germany, he met 3 old friends who fastly became the rest of the band. Together, they developed a sound which combines catchy pop elements and fresh indie tunes. In their songs they are talking about love, friendship, bravery and disappointment – topics which can’t be closer to reality but are told with a nice sense of placidity and humour. They, themselves, entitle it with: ” Speaks for the lonely, and for the party.” At the moment the band is touring all over Germany and is playing a lot of festivals. And this is where we met them: at the Immergut Festival. We shot the session in the middle of a nice glade where the drummer immediately converted a huge tree into his own special music instrument. With a dash of humour and the sun in the back , David Jonathan let us be part of his stories for a moment.