We‘re not yet sure whether to find this performance by quirky Norwegian metal-pop outfit Deathcrush extremely cool or just plain weird. But then again, this seems to be what their whole career is about. Deathcrush call their songs “Lessons“ an dedicate them to the likes of Snoop Dogg and Cliff Burton.

When we met guitar player and vocalist Linn Nystadnes and bass player Åse Bredeli Røyset at Humboldthain park in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen they didn‘t bring any instruments and also had no idea where drummer Andreas Larssen was. So the girls performed an acapella mash-up of their songs. The setting is almost reflective of the sound. Just as Deathcrush mix sweet pop sounds with noisy instruments, the viewing platform we filmed on is actually a World War II bunker, blending in with the idyllic Humboldthain park.

Named after an EP by influential black-metal band Mayhem which was released in 1987, Deathcrush pay tribute to the genre, which is extremely popular in Norway, with their noisy no-wave music. Their unique mixture of pop and metal quickly got them fans such as French newspaper Le Monde or the acclaimed music website Drowned in Sound, but also bands like Sleigh Bells and Vivian Girls.

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