In the beginning Dota studied the art of medicine, so she could heal shattered bodies. Luckily for us, she started as well to heal wounded souls with her music.

By the age of 21, she began playing the guitar and travelled the world singing her songs in the streets. She named herself “Kleingeldprinzessin” – the princess of pocket change. In 2003 she released her first Album, with her Band “die Stadtpiraten”. Since then Dota and her pirates, enchant people with songs about love, sorrow, society, the meaning of life. Her lyrics are poetic, beautiful and deeply touching. Beside her precise way to write about emotions she’s got a critical view of things.

Her music is strongly influenced by Latin-American genres, especially by the brazilian Bossa Nova. She  spent some time in São Paulo and travelled in Ecuador. Staying independent she released every of her nine albums, on her own label “Kleingeldprinzessin Records”. The latest Albums evolve a more folk and rock based sound, mixed with elements from Jazz.

We met her with Jan Rohrbach, one of her fellow bandmates close to Modersohnbrücke in Berlin Friedrichshain.

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