Dry the River

Dry the River are the incarnation of honesty poured into a fragile voice, and five band members who could not be any more different from each other. A Norwegian-born singer named Peter Liddle, a once-homeless drummer, and a classically trained violinist came together in London to first begin with some heartbreaking music. A guitarist and a very beardy bass player followed, and the band was complete in 2009. Since their first EP “The Chamber and the Valves” proved to be a catalyst for the band’s rapid stage career, it is to be hoped that their next jewel, the “Weights and Measures” EP turns out a similar success upon its release in November of this year. But actually, we are quite sure about that.

On Dry the River’s new EP you will also find the beautifully-written song “Bible Belt” that the five lads performed for us at the Berlin Festival. We filmed their rendition under an airplane at the famous Tempelhof airport, historical setting of the Berlin Airlift. So please allow yourselves to be awestruck! And if you can’t wait for the EP, just watch the video over and over again, and cherish this beautiful mix of sadness and intimacy – until it finally is November.

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