Entertainment For The Braindead

Julia Kotowski, self–taught lo fi singer/songwriter from cologne takes her instruments wherever she goes, as if this would be the only way to communicate with the world around her. The small girl with the ukulele makes life a loop you never want to end and takes us with her into her tiny gentle cosmos of lyrics and rhythm.

For our first outdoor session this year we asked Julia aka Entertainment For The Braindead to perform at the Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Kreuzberg. The Song she performs at Berlin Sessions is called “A Smile” and was released on the “Trivialities” EP. With her pure voice playing in the whisper of phenomenal instruments and dreamy melodies this song definitely put a smile on our faces.

Julia is releasing her music under a cc license; you can download her albums for free. If you like the music and want to support her, use flattr or the given possibilities to donate money.

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