Eternal Tango

In one rather early episode of our Berlin Sessions we had the honour to record a song with Eternal Tango, just a few hours before their show. Founded in 2002 in Luxemburg, Eternal Tango released their debut album “First Round at the Sissi Café” in 2007 and follow-up “Welcome To The Golden City” in 2010. By now, the band from that tiny European country has become quite big. With their beyond-category style mixing energetic alternative rock with power pop and their own charming ideas they keep enchanting their audiences.

Eternal Tango believe that their music cannot be described, therefore the band loves to perform on stage – just showing off what they’ve got for you. The five musicians Joe Koener, David Moreira, David Schmit, Tom Gatti, and Pit Romersa decided one day to leave their beautiful home of Luxemburg, grab hold of a tour bus – and continue a nomadic life between the stages.

We at Berlin Sessions offered them the cosy lounge of Comet Club to perform “Ronny Roy Johnson”. The Comet Club is located in Berlin Kreuzberg near the subway station Schlesisches Tor, where you can get a nice halloumi kebab at night. It’s known for hosting fucktons of cool concerts by exciting young bands. So here you are watching Eternal Tango right where they belong: on stage!

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