Felidae Trick

Felidae Trick are a lovely band from Germany, Austria and Israel that we met in early October 2014. Founded in 2011 by Omer Liechtenstein in his native Tel Aviv, the project quickly grew into a full band, that is presently based in Berlin.

In early 2014 they released their latest record „Patrimony“ and played a lot of shows all over Germany with Valentin Schuster on drums, Roni Meir on bass and Julian Pajzs on Guitar and of course singer and founder Omer Liechtenstein.

All members come from the most different geographical and musical backgrounds, which surely contributes a lot to the vivid dynamics of their agitating New Wave-sound, that has its little punkrock-moments every now and then.

We had the pleasure of meeting Omer and drummer Valentin right before the sun set on one of the oldest public parks of Berlin – Volkspark Friedrichshain – for a little unplugged rock-show beneath the red and yellow autumn leaves.