Friska Viljor

Swedish band Friska Viljor emerged in 2005, when two broken-hearted musicians stumbled into a studio after a long night out. Daniel Johansson und Joakim Sveningsson were deeply disappointed by love, and spontaneously got together to make music – probably as a cheap therapy. Within short time, they had assembled their first album, and by now they’ve added three more pieces of art. The latest of these jewels is “The Beginning of the Beginning of the End“ – which we sincerely hope will not turn out a prophecy.

Strange as it sounds, but Friska Viljor make you somewhat thankful for all the mean girls and their evil doings in the world – if this is what comes out of it. Friska Viljor perform rythmic indie, blended in with traditional Swedish folk, and their own style of bizarre instrumentation. But they’ve also gotten more cheerful and serious over time.

For Berlin Sessions, the two Swedish gentlemen performed the Song “Useless” at the Gräfekiez quarter in Kreuzberg, one of the many interesting areas of Berlin. We squeezed them into a rather tiny space, but what they did there is grand.

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