Fritz Kalkbrenner

In his spare time he doesn‘t listen to any electronic music at all. Fritz Kalkbrenner, one of Germany‘s most pleasant and exciting techno DJs, instead draws his inspiration from soul and funk stars like Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield. According to Fritz, you need to think outside of your own box to create something unique. Unsurprisingly, Fritz‘s way into techno Olympus did not begin with the release of a booming techno track produced in his bedroom or a congenial DJ set at some Berlin underground club.

It actually started when Fritz lent his gentle voice to his old friend Sascha Funke‘s song “Forms and Shapes“ in 2003. The following year he released his first single “Stormy Weather“ together with DJ Zky. For the next five years he would work as a journalist for German television, when the release of the movie “Berlin Calling“ starring Fritz‘s older brother Paul Kalkbrenner fundamentaly changed the lives of both of them. While Paul suddenly became a film- and pop star, interest also grew in Fritz, who had helped producing the film‘s soundtrack and sang on the successful single “Sky and Sand“. Fritz subsequently released a bunch of EPs and singles of his own. In 2010 he signed with Suol and released his debut album “Here Today Gone Tomorrow“.

We filmed Fritz during his performance at Watergate. The club is notorious for being a tourist attraction with endless queues and an incomprehensible door policy. However, paramount line-ups, the excessive partying once you‘re finally inside and its beautiful Spree view definitely make up for all that.

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