Sometimes he is heaven and sometimes he is leaves. That‘s what Gariboff sings in the chorus of his song “Himmel“, performed on the roof of an old tower at Treptower Park. Instead of gimmickry and stylised biographies, Gariboff is just voice and guitar. Nils, who uses his last name as stage name has been making music for almost twenty years, apart from his solo project he plays in bands Kerub and Alltagsdasein.

Nils is the chief audio engineer of the Berlin Sessions team. So basically, because the crisp sound of a session is essential, he is the heart of the project.

The inspiration to his honest and intimate lyrics is mainly drawn from women, love and being lovelorn. Gariboff‘s debut album is announced for spring 2012. His label Setalight compares him to a buddhist monk, but determinations aren‘t really his thing. Gariboff is kids, clouds, water, tears, sorrow, pain, sun, fire, flame, spring, autumn, make and mar. At least for now.

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