Great Danes

When we say that we met Great Danes the other day for a session, we didn’t let a pack of monstrous german dogs bark into our cameras. In fact we met a lovely half New Zealand, half British indie-folk band, consisting of Tim Hook and Chester Travis, who are no pony sized dogs, but a duo of truly gifted guitar heroes and songwriters, who found one other back in London, where they were both working at an acoustic guitar store on Denmark Street. Long story short: they became friends, started the band Great Danes and meanwhile they’re even flatmates, who presently live in Berlin. Right now they are recording a new EP, which will be out in Spring 2015, and we can’t wait to listen to that piece of countryesque indie-folk.

We met Great Danes at Ruta Sluskaite’s wool store Wollen Berlin. This is a cosy place where you’re not just able to equip yourself with fancy lama, mohair or cashmere wool yarn and to buy handmade, unique knitwear, but you can also to broaden your horizon in terms of the endless possibilities of knitting at the DIY-Knitworkshops that Ruta gives on a regular basis inside her shop on Gärtnerstraße in Friedrichshain.

ps: If you wonder where to get these fantastic bowties, check out Bow Bandits !