Halasan Bazar

Halasan Bazar has become Copenhagen’s answer to a recreation of a sixties Californian college dropout psych band. With a strong alliance of influences from the 60‘s becoming widely apparent in their pysch pop fever of wandering guitar riffs, dreamy xylophones and fuzzed vocals.

Meeting us on a slightly fragile morning in the wake of the Torstrassen Festival in Tempelhofer Feld, they introduced us to their unique waves of psychedelic bizarreness.

Despite the fact that one guitars may have only had four strings, we decided it’s better not to ask questions as they performed an acoustic session of their tracks ‘Stay,’ and ‘Go Out In Joy’.

Halasan Bazar released their debut album ‘Space Junk,’ in April this year through Crash Symbol Records. They were quickly recognized as a unique group of danish rockers, with varied styles and influences trailing through their ‘spaced out,’ LP, with recognition throughout Europe and some success in the US. Whether this is down to the surge of 60‘s psychedelia bands on the scene currently, Halasan Bazar’s Lead singer Fredrik Eckhoff is perfectly fitting within this category for his zonked out hippy vocals, accompanied by watery guitar lines and somewhat rather intense reverb.

This stripped back session, may not be as elaborate and ‘trippy,’ as they are live or on record, but it certainly shows you what they are all about.

Tourdates | October :

Sept. 26 DK Copenhagen Ideal Bar/Vega
Oct. 04th DE Bocholt Buena Fiesta
Oct. 05th DE Freiburg Great Räng Teng Teng
Oct. 06th F Caen Porte Sans Cle
Oct. 07th F Paris La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Oct. 08th BE Brussels Bonnefooi
Oct. 09th BE Liege  L’Escalier Café
Oct. 11th F Rennes Le Twist Kommintern
Oct. 12th DE Cologne King Georg
Oct. 14th DE Dresden Ostpol
Oct. 15th AU Vienna Rhiz
Oct. 16th DE Chemnitz Nachschlag
Oct. 17th DE Nürnberg Hemdendienst
Oct. 18th DE Berlin Auster Club
Oct. 19th DE Leipzig Schubladenkonsortium
Oct. 20th DE Giessen Alte Kupferschmiede