Hamburg meets Berlin: Not only did Herrenmagazin play a session for us, they also released their first album “Atzelgift” on Berlin record label Motor Music. The band consists of Deniz Jaspersen on vocals and guitar, Torben “König Wilhelmsburg” on guitar, Paul Konopacka on bass and Rasmus Engler on drums. To be honest, König and Paul haven’t actually been in the band from day one, but they fit just right in. In this band everything comes naturally – the music and the attitude.

The four of them are not trained musicians, but they definitely know how to live the rock star life: celebrating, drinking and making music. As simple as that. And as clear as that are their songs. The second and recent album “Das wird alles einmal dir gehören” (“Someday all this will be yours”) surely doesn’t have to hide behind the success of the first one.

For us, Deniz and König played a wonderful acoustic version of their song “Keine Angst” (“No Fear”) in a forest somewhere between Berlin and Potsdam, which is the capital of the federal german state Brandenburg.

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