Honig, or translated in English ‘Honey,’ kindly accompanied us behind the scenes, for a special session at Immergut Festival. They managed to do so, despite a persistent surge of mosquito’s preying around their lead singer Stefan Honig. He had suddenly, become quite the catch.

Stefan has since moved onwards from his metal band days, and the melancholy momentum of his debut release in 2008, ‘Tree House.’ The re-born Honig may still tour Stefan’s old material, but now, they do it with an interpreted spin.

Also joining Honig’s line up for their visit to Immergut, was Entertainment For The Braindead’s Julia Kotowski, on glockenspiel, guitar and vocal accompaniment to their folk-tinged soulful touch, bringing her unusual delicate tone. Prior to their appearance on stage, and backstage with us, Stefan Honig and his self formed band, were heard rehearsing throughout the campsite. After some well spent rehearsal time, here on Immergut turf, they performed ‘Song For Julie,’ and ‘Burning Down Bookshop’s.’

Considering their first full band tour took place in December 2012, thing’s are picking up in a swift motion for Honig. With the release of their second album Empty Orchestra,’ in late 2012, and single ‘In My Drunken Head,’ we are slowly being led into the world of Honig, and it’s always exciting to see what is going to happen next.