Howling Bells

From “Waikiki” to “Howling Bells” meant for the “Stein-siblings” to move half around the world. But let’s start from the beginning: Juanita Stein (singer, guitarist), her brother Joel (lead guitarist) and Glenn Moule (drummer) formed the pop-rock band “Waikiki” in 1999.  After their tour – mostly through their homeland Australia – one thing led to another. In 2002 Brendan Picchio joined the band as a bassist and shortly after that they decided that they have to define themselves new. The changed name “Howling Bells” built the perfect frame for the nouveau style of their music: indie rock.

And it opened promising doors – they just had to move to London. No sooner said than done. After that the career reads like a novel with a happy ending. A rough start with the first critically-acclaimed self-titled debut in 2006 turned into a success with the second one called “Radio Wars” (2009). They supported Coldplay, Placebo, The Futureheads and many many more. “When we first started making records there were no expectations,” says Juanita. Today, especially the UK fans, expect nothing but real honest music which is floating between crystal clear voices and gloomy sounds. With their third album “The Loudest Engine”, released in September 2011, Howling Bells exemplify that they grew up.

We met the very handsome and talented Juanita, Joel and Glenn on the backyard terrace of the “Huxleys – Neue Welt”, the club where they played their Berlin concert on that cold november day. In April Joel moved to our hometown because Berlin is different and it is easy to feel at home. It’s the same with this location: every concert at Huxleys admits feeling finally arrived. It is about enjoying and simply listening to great music with a great sound.

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