Immergut Festival Special 2014

The 15th edition of Immergut Festival took place in Neustrelitz in May 2014 and has more than beaten our expectations of the first festival-highlight of this year!

Blessed with the most perfect weather on tree sprinkled meadows, surrounded by lakes and wood land and loads of happy people, we enjoyed the shows of many brilliant artists. The dreamy beats of Hundreds and the trademark voice of singer Eva Milner carried us far away, Future Islands´ singer Samuel T. Herring´s performance, ranging between melancholic passages and grindcoresque swept us off our feet and the warm, guitar-based feel-good sound of Real Estate on Saturday afternoon made the sun seem to shine even brighter. We captured bands, people and some of the best moments of IMMERGUT 2014 in a little video for you. Enjoy!