Jonathan Jeremiah

To stand out as a folk musician amongst the hundreds, has never been an easy challenge. The comparisons can come on relentless until your music looses its own artistic identity. Jonathan Jeremiah has the ability to keep to times yet revert his nostalgic music to an era long gone. With a pop sensibility, he carries his heart on his sleeve, with out dragging you too deep into his own personal darkness, of the likes of Elliot Smith or Nick Drake.

The London based artist took the time to perform two outstanding tracks from his latest LP Oh Desire (Release Date: 27.03.2015) for us at wonderful Fluxbau.

Without the rising layered strings and percussion backings of the Metropole Orchestra, as was in his outstanding Gold Dust album, he delivers for this session, stripped down melodies and simple guitar riffs, that allow you to take in the simple and heartfelt lyrics.

Jonathan is currently touring around the EU, so make sure to check him out for an inspiring acoustic set of its own, that makes you walk out with a smile and feeling, that all is well with the world.


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