It was on a trip throughout south-east asia that the siblings Janine and Vera made a groundbreaking decision for their lives after this journey. Inspired by an eye-opening encounter with a young Argentinian named Juan (who also lends his name to their bag-manufacture Juan The Ally), the sisters decided to dedicate their lives to nothing but their dreams instead of becoming a part of an achievement-oriented society. When they returned to their swiss hometown Hinteregg, not far from Zurich, they brought in their brother Simon as well as their Friends Yannick, Stefan and Paul and started their band JOSH!

In summer 2014 they went on yet another trip throughout europe in an old camper, filling the streets and clubs of numerous cities such as Kopenhagen, Amsterdam and Hamburg with the heartwarming beauty of their very intimate folk-songs. We had the big pleasure of meeting this lovely bunch of talented musicians at Volkspark Friedrichshain, where they performed „Wind in my hair“ off their new, crowd funded record „Kingdom North“ and a wonderful, extended version of „Pure“.

Don´t miss them at the rest of their „Kingdom North-Tour“:

19.10.2014 – Amsterdam (NL) – Pllek
23.10.2014 – Duisburg (DE) – Grammatikoff
29.10.2014 – Berlin (DE) – Ä
30.10.2014 – Giessen (DE) – Trocken & Lieblich
04.11.2014 – Bern (CH) – Wartesaal
15.11.2014 – St. Gallen (CH) – Folk Café Wohnzimmerkonzert
22.11.2014 – Basel (CH) – Cafébar Salon
29.11.2014 – Wetzikon (CH) – Villa K Wohnzimmerkonzert
16.12.2014 – St. Gallen (CH) – Ad Hoc