Katie Costello

When Katie Costello left her hometown Los Angeles she was only seventeen years old. From the beach to the Big Apple: “I never liked the beach, I’m a terrible driver, and I’m inherently neurotic, so Brooklyn was the perfect fit,” she said in an interview for Vogue in April. It was her first year in New York when the magic happened. It was a time of loneliness and as paradox as it may sound: It was Katie’s creative outburst. During that phase she wrote the songs for her latest album “Lamplight”. Songs which appear happy and light-footed at first but very wise and old-fashioned – in a good way – after a second listen. To produce her new album Katie got back to her roots in L.A. and took Tony Berg (Jesca Hoop, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn) on board. Since October she is supporting Greg Holden on his tour through Europe with a broken keyboard and food poisoning as a result. Well, tour life.

The day we met Katie was one of the first very cold days in Berlin. Nevertheless she and Greg pulled through this like it was a sunny day and they were staying on a field surrounded by flowers – even though it was a draughty backyard in Schöneberg, the district where Kennedy gave the speech that started with his famous words “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Their energy really amazed us.

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