Life In Film

This sounds incredibly smooth like an ocean: We present the UK-based quartet Life In Film. The indie rock band was founded in January 2012 in London and consists of Samuel Fry (lead singer, guitar), Edward Ibboston (vocals,guitar), Dominic Sennett (vocals, bass) and Micky Osment (vocals, drums). All band-members are friends of Fry’s, who he met in school and during university.

After their concert at Fluxbau with Tor Miller and Husky, we met the band for a session at the beautiful Fluxbau-waterfront-terrace. Although it was one of those bitterly cold Berlin-winter-days and the band was freezing, they bravely performed a couple of wonderful songs for us. And it turned out to be a truly british tea-time-session, as the band had to warm up their hands and vocal-chords after each song to be able to continue shooting. Life In Film have performed a very successful session for Burberry Acoustic and got the chance to play their song at the opening of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in 2010. They just released their new record “Here It Comes” in Germany and it has already caught a lot attention.

Their songs sound so effortlessly played and the strong voice and sentimental lyrics just round off their whole performance.




Life In Film not just signed one of our Tote Bags but they also brought their recent album ‘Here It Comes” along for YOU:

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text written by: Mayar Badar