Lino Modica

For #7 of our Berlin Sessions we filmed Lino Modica in front of the Kuriositätenkabinett at Graefestaße in Kreuzberg. Yes, on a neat little bench right near that cabinet of curiosities. And Lino might be just one of these curiosities that escaped from the tiny store at some point – but what an amiable one!

The Berlin-based artist Lino Modica almost makes you wish for those rainy summer days, when everything seems just a little wrong. When you keep admiring the pouring rain and those awesome lightening strokes, but still know it’s August, and something’s quite bizarre here. The way Lino suffers with his powerful singer-songwriter voice, the way he cries out and calms down, can well give you some of those goose-bumps everyone keeps talking about. Man, he’s so straight-forward in such a beautiful way. With that said – needless to add he is singing in German…

For us, Lino performed his song „Wir lieben noch“: We still love. And yes, indeed, „it’s sad but beautiful to know, we still live, we still love.“ But most of all, whom we love, that’s you, Lino!

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