LIVE: Charity Children


11.07.2013 Festsaal Kreuzberg

Sold out shows, ecstatic fans and everlasting encore’s may not of been what Charity Children’s Chloe and Elliott had anticipated, but that was certainly the outcome tonight. They can’t of been too disappointed.

Launching their debut album release ‘The Autumn Came,’ tonight’s show was a celebration of their transition from their daily routine of enchanting passing spectators on the street’s of Berlin to big scale on stage performance’s. For the first time on stage, they played arrangement’s accompanied by a glowing string section, horns and percussion, enriching their unique indie-folk sound. This is something, unfortunately they are not quite able to take around with them in Mauer Park. The show was split in half, as the packed out Festsaal, was close to being the equivalent of a sauna. It was also clear that  Chloe and Elliott’s experience of sweltering venues, and ‘standing up’ throughout a gig, was tiring enough for them, as Chloe happily proclaimed that there would be ‘no gym this week.’

Here we have two people who genuinely enjoy making music together, and everything else, play’s as quite the bonus. Their on-stage chemistry, is immediately endearing, and is as big a part of them as their music. It work’s as such a compliment through songs ‘To See You Smile,’ and ‘Elizabeth.’ The whole show, was full of charming tracks from their 30 minute release, and perfectly introduced the audience of what they are to expect from Charity Children in the future.

‘The Autumn Came,’ is available through Monkey Records.

written by:  Thea Hudson-Davies