LIVE: Tame Impala


03.07.2013 Astra Kulturhaus | w/ Melody’s Echo Chamber

Memorability is not on Tame Impala’s list of ‘things to achieve,’ at Astra Kulturhaus (Berlin) tonight, as they successfully manage to re-create Robert Thicke’s ‘Blurred Line’s’ notion amongst the over-heating Impala lovers. This does not result in complete collapse, but however, in a merging of body sweet and a unified psych movement, almost. If you are yet to catch Tame Impala, on their stretched out tour, you will be sure to know, that they gear things up a tad for the smaller events.

This gear change, here is accessorised with the accompaniment of Melody’s Echo Chamber as their support. Although, as Kevin Parker’s better half, Melody Protchet, may as a result of their infatuation may not be utterly surprised by this slot. Melody and her men  put on as perfect a show as ever, with an intense version of ‘Endless Shore,’ and the addictive french number ‘Quand Vas Tu Rentrer.’ They played as the perfect set up for Tame Impala, to join us. With just a ‘fuck it’s hot in Berlin,’ from Kevin and they set off. It all began to get very heated, as Tame were whizzing through some of their finest tracks, until their ecstatic elongated ‘Be Above It,’ transition into ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.’ 

As usual, their set, is joined with a synced lighting effects show, which mirror’s their modulating melodies, and as, ever, the ferocious rhythms forming from drummer Julian. Half way Kevin and Julian are left on the stage to provide us with a 5 minutes or so of overly experimental challenging techniques. Some would say it was too much, some would say it was too loud, but some should just come to realise, that it was exceptionally cool. ‘Half Full Glass of Wine,’ from Impala’s very first self titled EP, reunites us with their original sound. They certainly know how to leave your mouth dry, with a mouth gasping version of ‘Alter Ego,’ as they brought their encore to a climactic finish.


written by:  Thea Hudson-Davies