Loney, Dear

Emil Svanängen aka Loney, Dear is a one-man orchestra. From guitar and vocals to percussion and piano, Emil plays and loops all kinds of instruments to create his rich, orchestral sound. His first four albums where recorded in his parents‘ basement in Jönköping, Sweden and self-released on CD-Rs. Since he signed with Sub Pop Records in 2006 Emil released three more albums, the latest being 2011‘s “Hall Music”.

We took Emil and his tour manager and accordion player Susanna to see the exhibition “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em” at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, curated by Matthias Mayer. The works at display explore the border between music and visual art. Emil and Susanna performed on the Matthias Mayer‘s sculpture “Partyloader” (2007), the wall in the background was designed by Veronika Schumacher and is called “Descent of…..” (2011).

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