Max Prosa

A young Neo-Folk professional with wisdom and experience both in his voice and his lyrics: Max Prosa. Born in Berlin, Max got his first instrument at the age of six. His mother presented him with a guitar. And he was not able to lay it aside ever since. Writing your own songs, making your own music that was his identification -not studying physics and philosophy. No sooner felt than done.

How could someone at the age of 21 write, feel and sing such big words, so genuinely and real. That was the most asked question as soon as Max showed up in the spotlight. He does not sing about cheesy teenage problems or trivial life circumstances. There is always more. Bigger dreams in a bigger picture. His music is sheer and literally poetry. That is why he is the perfect supporting act for the German singer Clueso. Two poets singing on one stage. Max’ debut album is coming in August 2011.

For us he played, together with a little orchestra, his song “Flügel” at Treptower Park. To be more precisely on the stairs of the Soviet War Memorial, a war memorial and a military cemetery located in the second half of the park. A lot of tourists come here to commemorate the thousand soviet soldiers who fell in the Battle of Berlin in 1945.

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