Me and my Drummer

On a quick glimpse, Me And My Drummer have all the typical attributes of a newcomer:  They are young, endearing and talented. But then again their sound, merely consisting of piano and drums, synths and divine vocals, is so crisp and experienced, that you just gotta go beyond surface level. The duo consisting of Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs met whilst working at a theatre somewhere in the southern German province, where they made music for plays. You could think this is something that continues to have an effect on their songs dealing with the great recurrent topics of mankind – like pain or grief, feelings of estrangement or helplessness.

So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that they played a session for us at the Zwingli church in Friedrichshain. The location seemed to be made for a band like Me And My Drummer, above all in case of perceiving churches as the historic places where people tried to come to terms with all these emotions and existential issues once. Although the original church building in Friedrichshain has been put to other uses some time ago, one is still stunned by the peculiar dignity emanating from the whole place. Maybe this is why the two of them look a bit lost in the midst of the impressing building at first. But when Charlotte starts singing, her voice pervades the room, fills the void, kills the solemn silence. And while the line “There are more hearts pumping like your own” lingers on, you just got to believe it.

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