Mega!Mega! are four crazy Berlin-based rockstars and two exclamation marks. Together, they form a bunch of loud and cheerful adventurers, eager to draw attention to their stylised kind of grandeur. And although one might argue they’re hard to ignore, it is also well worth listening to them.

The band was founded a long time ago under a different name in the German federal state of Saarland, a place so far from Berlin, that it would take a 7-hours train ride to get to the gold and glitz of the capital. But with their energetic indie-rock spectaculum, the band feels much more at home in Berlin – and who doesn’t? So the four lads named Antonio, Daniel, Peter and Cornelius moved to the favored home of the Berlin hipster, Friedrichshain, and took the fast trail to success. And well, if it went to their heads, at least they’re making some solid music out of it, that you just cannot refuse.

Watch out for the guys’ debut album! And while you’re waiting, why not enjoy a pizza at the Pomodorino, the band’s favourite pizza place in Friedrichshain. For that is where we filmed their song “Es kann nur besser werden“ (It can only get better) for Berlin Sessions #10.

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