Avantgarde Pop from Israel. Ofrin is about their singer and eponym Ofri Brin, a curly red head who attracts attention – not just by her hair – rather by her voice. A self-trained one, without a classical background. Ofri started as a singer in a chorus for the army in Israel. Haply Oded Kaydar was playing the piano there and they met for the first and for a short time ’cause they lost each others sight after Ofri left Israel. She started to work in the UK. After two years the second and musically explosive meeting between Ofri and Oded happened in Brighton. He convinced her to pack her bags and though they both ended up in Berlin.

Since 2005 the music from Ofrin captivates with the lyrics written by Ofri and the compositions by Oded. But they didn’t stay alone on stage. Four German Musicians, Marco Bruckdorfer, Dirk Homuth, Sven Mühlbradt and Susanne Ocklitz, joined the Duo. Their first album “Rust & Velvet” sounds different from their new one: “On Shore Remain” is more up-tempo and influenced by their live performance experience.

On a warm summer day in september Ofrin played their song “Blankets” for us. Over the rooftops of Kreuzberg. Great view, great music.

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