Online Sampler & Jubilee


We’ve released our 50s Berlin Sessions and because of this major jubilee we also drop our very first and super fantastic Online Sampler with tracks from Wye-Oak, Max Prosa and the Howling Bells and newcomers like Spring Offensive, Will Samson and Tula. The live recordings, taken from all over Berlin, are available as a stream on Soundcloud.

Even without any pictures, one can feel & hear the special atmosphere each location has to offer. The noises of the traffic close to the Kottbusser Tor, the purl of the river Spree as well as the echo of an abandoned church – these are the scenes we love. 14 songs, 14 locations, 14 exclusive field recordings.

The Stories behind the Scenes

Spring Offensive – We filmed the band in Prenzlauer Berg in a shop which can rather be described as a cabinet of curiositiesThe shopkeeper was not too keen on having a bunch of youngster musicians plus a crew in his premises and “start making a mess”. But thanks to our sweet-talk and a few bottles of red wine, we bribed our way in and we were finally allowed to start filming – drunk but happy.

Me and my Drummer – Our intern Luis has been in charge of finding an appropriate location for Me and my Drummer. He suggested that a church could be the scene for this particular session. We all agreed on this brilliant choice. What we have found when we arrived at the church in Friedrichshain was much more than we’ve expected. The church looked more like an abandoned cathedral than a “small & old” church. We were flabbergasted by the massive building and its amazing reverb – hence this session is one of our favourites.

Young Rebel Set – The band arrived early in their tour bus. The boys were rather falling out of the vehicle than simply getting out of the bus. It soon became very obvious that all band members had a blast at the gig the night before. None of the young man looked like that they have slept enough or were ready for the day at all. But regardless of their pale faces, they delivered two amazing songs for us. Especially the song “Lion’s Mouth” sounds incredible! Each whiskey shot the singer downed the night before gives the song this incredible touch & energy.