Orenda Fink

Some might know her as Maria Taylors companion in the US-dream pop duo Azure Ray from Omaha, Nebraska, but Orenda Fink is a pretty amazing solo-musician as well. Her show at Privatclub was a very promising premiere of Trickser’s and Burning Eagle Booking’s new concert series listen., which was opened by Thayer Sarrano. Some call the former of Montreal-member the „new queen of shoe gaze“ and we must say, that we could indeed hear a little Hope Sandoval within her dark folk-songs every now and then. The main act of the night, the amazing Orenda Fink, just needed one song until she had the carefully listening audience under her spell for good: „Holy Holy“ off her latest record Blue Dream was the first song of the night, and the beginning of this very hypnotizing set and intimate first edition of listen.

This beautiful night has been a little miracle by the way: Orenda and her friends/neighbours/band-members Thayer Sarrano and Gregg Elsasser had just landed in Berlin the day before the show to find out that their airline had lost all their luggage — including their instruments. A night of hoping and many desperate beers later, fortunately everything including a magical singing saw turned up again and even in time to meet us for a exlcusive flower-power-session at artdoor, a beautiful flower shop in the heart of Kreuzberg.

P.S.: You can win this session-souvenir, a Berlin Sessions tote bag signed by the fabulous Orenda Fink!

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