Pablo Nouvelle

Architecture and old 60’s movies make great ingredients for a fresh unconventional sound: This is proven by Swiss musician Pablo Nouvelle – AKA Fabio Friedli – who chose his alter ego after being inspired by French architect Jean Nouvel and the Nouvelle Vauge films of the 60’s. Starting off as a Hip-Hop producer Fabio later discovered his love for soul music. Merging these styles with his affection for commercial beats the former student of architecture crafted his own sound which unfolds as a great composition of dance music, melancholic pop and modern soul.

The Bern based musician was celebrated by the British press for “taking soul back to the future” with his single “Is It Okay” after releasing hit first EP in 2013. Since then Pablo Nouvelle has released four more singles and played gigs all over Europe.

We met him and his band at the 2015 Feel Festival – which for the first time took place at a surface mine at Bergheider See.

For the recording the festival team let us crash their private camping site, which actually looked more like an idyllic garden plot. And without a doubt Fabio and his two band members where matching the scenery perfectly when they sat down in between tents, watering pots and herbal beds in their comfy camping cloth to play “Our Love” and “Finding You”. Even the nature swung along with their performance when a birch tree had to serve as their 4th band member.