PHIA ‘the girl with a Kalimba,’ seems to possess the past of a native Australian with the inspiration and musical edge of a true Berliner. PHIA is a self proclaimed ‘pop’ songwriter, with a great flare for authentic compositions. Saying this, PHIA, or otherwise known as Sophia Exiner, prefer’s to have her sounds labelled as ‘art-pop’ or ‘experimental-pop.’ This, in our opinion is certainly a fair enough assumption to make as we saw her multi-instrumental talents most defiantly shine through whilst she joined us for a session filmed near the Dreiländereck/Berlin Neukölln. PHIA, brought not only herself, but her Kalimba and her soft toned voice which was all aided by the company of her Boss OC-2 loop station.

Placed on the edge of the canal, PHIA, performed her self-layered songs, ‘Do You Ever?’, ‘Open/Closed’ and a cover of the forever popular MIA hit ‘Paper Planes.’ Starting each song from scratch, we were privileged to see her methods first hand.
Back from Fusion Festival last week, PHIA, is set to continue working on new material, and we are likely to see the next installment after her debut EP ‘Garden Of Youth,’ soon enough.