Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws

Phoebe Killdeer and her band The Short Straws are radiating coolness. The Paris born singer with australian roots, made her way to the London club scene, where she worked as a sound engineer. She developed her own singing style during jam sessions and in 2003 she joined the french band “Nouvelle Vague”, which was covering New Wave and Punk hits from the 80’s. She told the press, she was thrown out because of bad behavior, any way – in 2008 she released her first solo Album. To sing her own lyrics and melodies was the next step and gave her a lot of drive, which contributes to her gloomy, sleazy and intense stage presence. Asked about her influences, Phoebe cites names like Tom Waits, Art Of Noise, Nick Cave and also Nina Hagen, the german godmother of punk.

Her french companions Cedric, Alexandre and Sylvain, who are cool as ice,  seem to be the perfect backbone for this band. Wonderful stomping basslines, rough guitar licks, and powerful drum beats. Together they are a sensational live act and William Johnston, a writer from the BBC, concealed them to fit perfectly on the next Tarantino soundtrack. We met “the wild bunch” on the fallow site at the Cuvrystraße in Berlin Kreuzberg, close  by the river Spree in front of the big graffiti of the well-known artist blu.

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