Pretty Mery K

Named after one of Elliott Smith’s,  more uplifting songs, Pretty Mery K combines mellow, neo – folk elements with a hint of pop. All four members, very much influenced by classical Jazz music, like to tell little stories in each of their tunes. It does not come as a surprise, with Mr Smith, known for his song writing skills and his popular solo records in the 90s, as a major influence that the quartet has a wonderful approach to song writing – simple, tender but with an honest reflection on life. With their crowd funding  record project the band collects money to push the production of their up and coming album.

Boredom depicts the shortness of our life spin and reveals that it seems as if we have a tendency to aim too high, never satisfied with what we got at this particular moment. As Meryem Kilic, the German – Turkish singer refers to when she coons “Everything we do is just to prove that we’re in the game and we won’t lose.” It comes across as if the lead singer sends us a little reminder – so not to forget to sometimes take a deep breath, think twice and let us enjoy what we have at that moment – because life is too short to speed race through it.
In “Something to lose” the vocalist portrays the simple tristesse of a moment when one should have made a braver decision to just be with this very special someone who stands next to you. We shot the session on a huge houseboat in the beautiful West of Berlin.