Recap: Il Civetto Spring Concert


08.04.2017 Il Civetto & Footprint Project / Yaam

Damn, what a magical night this was! Words and videos can merely describe the energy of this fantastic evening. Footprint Project started this wild ride of a night and made sure that no foot was left motionless. The 8-piece band impressed with their unique take on beat-loaded reggae/downtempo/whatever-this-awesomeness-is! Thus, even though it was just the beginning of April, the Yaam was already boiling hot when Il Civetto entered the stage. And boy, they didn’t dissapoint! The whole club was dancing, smiles all over the place. The band has acquired a strong following throughout the years and they sure know how to make their fans happy. Luckily, we had our cameras with us to capture at least some of the craziness:


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