Rosi Golan

It may sound like one of these well-known singer-songwriter myths: A girl aged 19, finding herself adrift and unsure of what to do with her life, grabs a guitar and teaches herself to play and write songs. Only a few years later, Rosi Golan turns out to be one of the most promising artists in this genre.

Especially since her collaboration with William Fitzsimmons people enthuse about her haunting voice and tremendous talent. Their song “Hazy” proves that a memorable love song doesn’t have to consist of more than seven lines. On the contrary, maybe the intensity of her work even stems from the simplicity of the lyrics: In a few words Rosi Golan precisely examines all those situations and thoughts emerging from relationships which are often discounted as trivial – although they aren’t.

She takes on the role of a cartographer driven by curiosity: Emotional territories are mapped out as if they were real, yet unknown places. Hence it is not surprising that Rosi Golan loves to travel around the world and draw inspiration from it. For now, the Israeli-born singer settled in New York and got signed by Family Records to release her second album, “Lead Balloon”.

We met Rosi Golan on a sunny day at the Kinderbauernhof (children’s farm) in Kreuzberg, an almost magical place where children can play among goats and rabbits in the middle of Berlin. Rosi’s folky dream-pop songs seem to translate exactly those late summer days of childhood into music.

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