Rue Royale

The singer/songwriter duo Ruth and Brookln Dekker playing such harmonic songs only wife and husband can. Their authentic sound gets you like a breeze, while the melodies fit the soft and warm voices. An “Anglo-American outfit’s self-propelled adventure” sums it up well. Rue Royale is different – not because they hit it off without any manager or label – no, because they printed, snipped, sewed and stuffed 7,500 Rue Royale CDs, including 500 pre-orders for ‘Guide To An Escape’. And they knitted. Yes, both gave away hand-made knitted goods, e.g. hot water-bottle covers, for their fans. Now, that’s what we call effort.

Inspiration from Radiohead, Elbow and José Gonzáles leads to more then 400 shows in the last three years. Rue Royale will surely continue travelling along a royal road as they tour ‘Guide To An Escape’, playing many of their biggest venues across Europe in 2011.

A nice visit from Nottingham, Great Britain: “Rue Royale” performed two songs for us at cosy Schokoladen in Berlin Mitte on a cold winter day. A place to stay warm all year long.

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