Shandy Mandies

Recording in a studio where David Bowie and Nick Cave once produced records which made music history is probably every newcomer bands wet dream. So it was a special day for the “African–Influenced–Power–Krauts” aka the Shandy Mandies when we met them in the legendary Hansa Studios in the heart of Berlin.

The four guys from Leipzig were among a bunch of lucky bands which where part of the Berlin edition of the CONVERSE RUBBER TRACKS – a project which gives upcoming young musicians around the world the chance to record with renowned producers and sound engineers during a one day studio session.

No surprise we didn’t wanna miss out on that. So we stayed at the Shandy Mandies’ side while they were busy touching strings, hitting drums and chatting to producers in front of the mixer.  The result is this worth hearing version of their song “Salome”.

Enjoy this jewel of psychedelic Garage Rock’n’Roll -on best studio quality level of course!